Free Editor For The AKAI S2000 & S3200 XL Sampers

Phillyflazh has released a free editor for the AKAI S2000 & S3200 XL samplers.

You can preview it with the video above.

Pricing and Availability:

It’s available now as a free download, for Mac & Windows. It’s donationware, so if you use it, consider supporting the developer via the link on their site.

6 thoughts on “Free Editor For The AKAI S2000 & S3200 XL Sampers

    1. That’s quite unlikely, since Google checks the files before you can download them. Regardless I’ve uploaded the file to VirusTotal and only 1 of 64 scanner found something. It’s most likely a false-positive.
      “1 security vendor and no sandboxes flagged this file as malicious”

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