AI Synthesis Intros AI106 West Coast Mixer Eurorack Module

AI Synthesis let us know that they’ve released the AI106 West Coast Mixer, available with pre-built and kit options.

The AI106 West Coast Mixer is a discrete mixer using no ICs. As gain increases, harmonics and analog warmth are added.

The AI106 takes inspiration from the mixers in 1960s West Coast Modular systems, but updates it for Eurorack and allows for user customization of the circuit. New, Old, and mismatched NPN transistors can be substituted to change the character of the mixer. True to original spirit, the output is inverted.

It comes in both Silver Aluminum versions and Black PCB FR4 versions.

Pricing and Availability:

The AI106 West Coast Mixer is available now, with the following pricing:

  • Prebuilt: $85 USD
  • Full Kit: $55 USD

4 thoughts on “AI Synthesis Intros AI106 West Coast Mixer Eurorack Module

  1. Does anyone know what the knobs used for the module are called? I’m looking for some for a project but I’m not sure what to search for.

    1. The small ones are Davies 1900h clones. The larger ones are maybe Davies 1500 or 1510 clones. You would need to make sure you order the correct ones for the pot shaft you are mounting them on. If you can, spend a little extra on the ones with brass inserts, as they are far higher quality than hollow plastic ones.

      Thonk UK or Synthcube in the US should have them.

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