‘Wonky’ Sounds For The Sequential Prophet-5 & Prophet-10

Sounds Divine let us know that they’ve released a trio of new sound libraries for the Sequential Prophet-5/Prophet-10.

Wonky Tapes Vol.1 features 40 patches for the Sequential Prophet 5/10. It features dreamy synth sounds, electric pianos, plucky organs, mellow brass pads & fuzzy tremolo sounds.

Wonky Tapes Vol.2 features drifty synth sounds, electric pianos, plucky organs, clavinets & noisy tremolo sounds.

Wonky Tapes Vol.3 features unstable synth sounds, electric pianos, bells, dirty clavinets & ring mod tremolo sounds.

Pricing and Availability:

The sound libraries are available now ffor €25 each (ex.vat).

5 thoughts on “‘Wonky’ Sounds For The Sequential Prophet-5 & Prophet-10

  1. I buy added sounds for my synths, always have. Most sets pay for themselves in the form of leaping-off points that give me an added, personal set, sometimes even two. I also learn more about what a synth can do because a sound designer with bigger ears than mine was good at their game.

    Its also unavoidable that you can get “Synth Patch Fatigue.” There’s a sameness to it all after you’ve heard 20 variants on a string pad. I have to take a break for my ears to reset and come back fresh later. That’s the real trick. My view is that 2 or 3 sets should be plenty. From that point on, its up to you to put enough SynthSweat™ into it to build your final and hopefully Kong-sized palette. I’ve owned three Prophets, so I give these sets a thumbs-up. You get to hear a lot of what makes Sequential appealing.

    1. yeah. I experienced synth patch fatigue when I got a Kronos. in the end I just focused on the strings and orchestra bits – I *will* buy sample sets. well, I did at one time. I dragged an XV3080 up from the studio with 6 rom cards in it. it’s been fun playing horn blats and yangchin twangs against the modular. I find a slight squeeze on the harmonium an excellent safety precaution, Miss Scrumptious!

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