Strokes Sequencer For iOS, Mac & Windows Now A Self-Contained Groovebox

Developer John Howes let us know that he’s released a major update to his Strokes application, noting that “what was once just a MIDI sequencer is now a fully-fledged, self-contained instrument/groovebox, featuring 8 samplers, a reverb, and delay.”

Strokes features a collection of seven interconnected modules that interact with one another in real time:

  • Grids – 4 x channels of euclidean or step (XOX/TR) rhythm generators
  • Logic – 4 x channels of algorithmic rhythm generators
  • Matrix – 8 x synchronized per step/stroke parameter modulation sequencers
  • Weights – 4 x envelope followers
  • Shares – 4 x probability processors using markov chain pattern analysis
  • Notes – 7 x pitch presets for sequencing chords, melodies and kit changes
  • Patterns – 5 x device wide snapshots / presets

The sequencer is deeply integrated with the samplers, with each sampler featuring:

  • amp attack/decay
  • adjustable start/end & loop (drag top/bottom half of waveform)
  • root note (for tuning the sample)
  • multi mode filter lp/bp/hp
  • delay & reverb sends
  • 4 modulation lanes hooked up to the sequencer

In addition to the new sampler features, there’s Ableton Link integration, cross-platform project sharing and a bundled factory sample pack, with over 100 sounds captured from a Machinedrum, Monomachine & Nord Drum 2.

Pricing and Availability:

Strokes is available now on iOS for £19.99, and on Mac & Windows for £35.

5 thoughts on “Strokes Sequencer For iOS, Mac & Windows Now A Self-Contained Groovebox

  1. Nice work! I can see the point and some benefit in going there. I’ve simply been Logic-centric for so long, this seems more like a tool for an EDM dabbler. Too few tracks, mainly. How amusing, to be into a DAW and then come across as mentally creaky when this kind of more streamlined tool appears. Oh, to be young enough that an iPad contains my first sequencer! Heh!

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