How Vinyl Records Are Made At Third Man Record

Off-topic, but interesting: This video, via Wired, offers a behind-the-scenes look at how vinyl LPs are made.

Vinyl may be ‘obsolete’, old-school technology, but it’s growing in popularity and – with a good turntable – is a great way to listen to classic albums, the way artists originally conceived them.

They take a visit to Jack White’s Third Man Records vinyl pressing plant in Detroit, Michigan to find out exactly what goes into the creation of a vinyl record; from cutting and pressing to making sure they sound great.

One thought on “How Vinyl Records Are Made At Third Man Record

  1. I still lovingly play my old Beatles and XTC albums with all their clicks, skips, and pops. good to keep up for when kerosene record player takes a spill. This chorus is for you – Rang Tang Ding Dong, I am the Japanese Sandman.

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