Arturia PolyBrute Noir Is ‘Straight From The Abyss’

Arturia today introduced the PolyBrute Noir, a style variation that features a new ‘Noir’ finish, sleek redesigned knobs, and ionized parts, resulting in what they call “deeper, darker aesthetic, straight from the abyss”.

Beyond the finish, the PolyBrute Noir is functionally the same as the original PolyBrute, introduced in 2020.

The PolyBrute is a modern analog flagship synth, featuring 6 analog analog voices, based on Arturia’s ‘Brute’ oscillators and dual filters. The synth features two Brute oscillators per voice, feeding into dual filters, a Steiner filter and a Moog-style filter. The filters can be patched in series, in parallel, or as a mix of both.

The PolyBrute also offers extensive modulation options, including three LFOs per voice and a matrix modulation patching system.

At the end of the voice path are 3 types of effect – Modulation, Delay, Reverb – that let create effects from Chorus to BitCrusher, Karplus to BBD delay, Plate to Dreamy reverb.

Pricing And Availability

The PolyBrute Noir is available now, price at $3119 USD.

28 thoughts on “Arturia PolyBrute Noir Is ‘Straight From The Abyss’

      1. no, usually the arturia black versions have the same price tag of the standard versions, maybe its a price increase concealed as a “new product” because of the inflation and the standard version will also get a price increase (or discontinued in favor of this on)

          1. whenever i notice sombody resorts to name calling and bad languge its clear that sombody don’t know what he talkes about, even if i don’t know nothing about the subject. no need to get emotional when you know the facts.

            keylab black version retail price was the same (and came with an upgraded software package), beatstep line the same, minilab, keystep, all the same introduction price like the standard version.

            maybe you see different prices because the standard version price lowered in time, this is something that happens usually (overstocking, improve manufacturing cost, manufacturer discounts and so on…) but lately prices increase for most products and it’s easier for manufacturers to increase the price of a “new” product than an establish products, so maybe this is what happened here.
            the miniBrute 2/drumbrute noir and the matrixbrute noir are all 2021/2022 products so the price increase may also correlate to inflation and chip shortage.

          1. same price, the diffrences in shop are becouse of overstocking and manufacturer discounts on the standard. give it some months, it will all cost the same.

  1. These are great instruments and can stand up to any classic synth with the right programming as well as go far beyond any of them. Unless the paint job really speaks to you, I’d suggest getting the standard version and saving some $$.

    1. you can make great sounds with it and does cover interesting features others don’t so i will say “it stand on its on” but not really “stand up to any classic”
      the build quality is not that impressive like some of the classics, and some modern boutique synthesized, the keypad, encoders… (it is mass produced in china)
      it’s not that complex compared to others with bigger matrixes (and much more sources/destinations paths), advanced sequencers complex effect sections…
      oh and it will never sound like a juno-6, most don’t so that’s ok 🙂

  2. Really unnecessary as a paint job does not make it sound better or why?
    The first one suits better to my Polybrute design
    And the should have designed an longer strip
    If they actually want to do some advance design to it
    Also the rather could have build a Desktop version
    Instead of this

    1. they are not interesting in making a more advance design,
      they try to make more income.
      improving its hardware will require much more expense.
      the basic idea is new products sells more on the first few months so making a variant of it will boost sells with minimum expense, i guess the standard version sold less lately so it was “necessary” for arturia 🙂

  3. Yes it looks infinitely better then with original colors.
    Won’t pay extra for looks only tho.
    Would be a great move to continue with the black color without charging extra.
    Not a “limited edition” but a ” ’23 cosmetic update”. (Same for the matrixbrute.)

    Or design a proper MK2 with some hardware improovements like waldorf did.

  4. If only it had black keys. I’d buy 3 of them!

    I just looked at the Arturia site: it shows PolyBrute and PolyBrute Noir both going for $3110USD.

  5. I’m glad to see the morphe control in black. The one on the standard version reminds me of the fake wood panelling in a 1970s basement rec room. The fake wood look certainly doesn’t invite the user to subtly drag their finger across it.

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