Boredbrain Intros Three New Eurorack Modules

Boredbrain has introduded three new Eurorack modules: for mixing and I/O: Spdf, Xport and Mimix.

Here are the details:


  • Encodes 2 analog inputs into a S/PDIF digital signal
  • Decodes a S/PDIF digital signal into 2 analog outputs
  • DC-coupled inputs and outputs support both CV and audio signals
  • Selectable 44.1/48 kHz internal sample clock or external sync
  • Digital coaxial cable connectors for S/PDIF signals (RCA)


  • Eurorack to balanced line-level audio conversion
  • Low-noise signal path with isolated channel circuitry
  • Signal level and peak LED indicators per channel
  • 1/4 -inch TRS outputs with phantom power protection


  • 1 to 4 buffered multiple with inverted 4th copy
  • 1 to 4 buffered multiple with rectified 4th copy
  • 4 to 1 unity mixer normalled to the two multiples
  • Bipolar LED signal indicators for each section

The new modules are available now.

4 thoughts on “Boredbrain Intros Three New Eurorack Modules

  1. Great to see new modules from these guys! The Boredbrain optx module is the best way to get 8 channels in/out of a DAW. I love it. Have it set up via adat into my RME ufx+. I also have an nw2s 8 channel I/O, but it’s analog and has two big db25 cables sticking out of of the module. Much more elegant and direct to use the optx. But having both gives me 16 channels of I/O between my modular rig and DAW. So easy to stream multiple tracks at once.

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