Vintage Synth Demo: The Yamaha CS40M

Yamaha shared this vintage synth demo of the CS40M, a duophonic analog synth from 1979.

The video features Yamaha’s Dom Sigalas demoing the CS40M, and offering his take on the classic keyboard, along with lots of audio demos.

Yamaha says that, sound-wise, the CS40M is related to the monophonic CS20M. But it also shares some of the technology found in the iconic flagship synth, the Yamaha CS80.

The Yamaha CS40M was used by Ultravox, Duran Duran, Front 242 and others.

7 thoughts on “Vintage Synth Demo: The Yamaha CS40M

  1. This is perhaps the one Yamaha synth I’ve never heard of. I’ve played around with all the C-series apart from the CS50. This one is new to me. How did that happen. Thank you for showing me a new old synth.

  2. the case was to die for. what happened to all the 3 1/2 octave keybeds? wish they had settled on those instead of 3 octaves. playing in key’s other than C was much easier.

  3. Good demo. Not a bad synth at all, but as with my old Mono/Poly and most monosynths, it feels pretty flaccid until you add at least a little chorus or delay. The basic cleanliness of a simple signal is also its downfall when you need something more robust. For me, Yamaha’s trickle-down instruments never felt quite as interesting or capable as those of other companies.

    Budget gear can be fun, but I always recommend taking up at least one solid mid-range synth that offers some room to grow. The monosynth that has you so dazzled looks and performs far better on top of a decent poly, especially if it offers splits that let you drive it. Even one iteration of the Polymoog would drive a Mini from its top note. Just a casual thought.

  4. …was used by Ultravox…
    Yeah! My favorite band of all time.
    If you can, grab the Record Store Day copies of the Vienna and Rage in Eden albums/CDs with the Steven Wilson remix with the second album/CD instruemntal version.

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