Live Performance, Inspired by Steve Reich, On The UDO Audio Super 6

UDO Audio shared this live performance by synthesist Hazel Mills of Bloom, an original composition, inspired by the music of classical composer Steve Reich.

Here’s what they shared about the technical details of the performance:

“The excellent Hazel Mills has composed a performance entitled ‘Bloom’, performing on the Super 6 Keyboard and Desktop.

Taking inspiration from Steve Reich, Hazel built this Minimalist composition by programming a simple, repeating sequence on the Desktop with subtle variation. Over time, with the addition of an intertwining arpeggio and gorgeous pad on the Keyboard, this progression accumulates and builds into an uplifting, hypnotic sequence, made all the better by a simple four-to-the-floor kick.”

Reich’s minimalist work has long been an inspiration for electronic musicians, ranging from Tangerine Dream to The Orb to Pantha du Prince.

You can hear more by Mills via her site.

9 thoughts on “Live Performance, Inspired by Steve Reich, On The UDO Audio Super 6

  1. Now about the music: I think it is wonderful. It took me right back to soundscapes on my old records of Tangerine Dream. I admire people that have inspiration but also the patience to actually create.

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