Sound Design On The Deckard’s Dream

In his latest video, Enrique Martinez (Ricky Tinez) shares his thoughts on sound design on the Deckard’s Dream, a modern synth design inspired by the classic Yamaha CS-80.

Here’s what he has to say about the video:

“Today, we explore sound design on one of my all time favorite synthesizers, the Deckard’s Dream by Black Corporation.

One patch I made prior to hitting record, but we’ll design two synth patches from scratch together. We’ll explore some beginner synth techniques like applying filter envelopes, adding different attack times to layers to have the patch move and sound different over time, as well as running going a little deeper and playing with different tunings and layering the synth with itself in the way it was built.

I’ll also run the synthesizer through the R1 Reverb Pedal by Walrus Audio to push it over the top and create that cinematic movie score feel. I can’t help it.”

6 thoughts on “Sound Design On The Deckard’s Dream

    1. seems you have a stockholm syndrome for your pseudo robin hood uli, you use this term like an abuse victim that became an abuser…
      break the cycle! 🙂

  1. More of the same, really.

    Anyway. To learn a thing or two (and cut down on costs), I’ve had the idea in my head to order one of Black Corporation’s synths in KIT form, after putting together Erica’s little modular set later this year. To those who know their way around synth innards, would putting Erica’s DIY set together get me well underway of understanding a much more complex synth like a Decards Dream or Kijimi? I love a challenge, but I’ve no idea if I’d step into something that’s going to be way above my head? 🙂

    Bonus question. If you have the money to spare, which synth would you choose from their range: Their interpretation of the CS-80, Elka Synthex, Jupiter 8 or RSF Polykobol? 🙂

    1. Have to be the Deckard’s Dream.

      All of the originals sound great, but the CS-80 sound and architecture are a lot more unique than the others.

      1. I have to agree. While all of their instruments sound and look great, the CS is the most unique. You can get other synths to sound sorta similar to some of those other instruments mentioned above, but the CS doesn’t have any hardware analog equivalent other than the DD. Controlling one from my Hydrasynth is a tempting proposition.

        BTW, s/o to Ricky for making great content. I love how chill and honest his delivery is as well. Catching one of his videos is nice way to unwind after a stressful day.

    2. I bought a prebuilt mk1, but I followed a group who decided to DIY it. On average, it seemed like it took most about a year to build. Probably a biased assessment, since those that built it without a lot of trouble probably didn’t post much. My Osmose should be arriving soon. I’m looking forward to using it with the DD. I was vaguely interested in the Kijimi for a while, but not seriously so. I thought the Ise-Nin would excite me, but the reaction has been about the same.

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