Isla Instruments S2400 Sampling Drum Machine Available Again After Almost A Year

Isla Instruments let us know that the S2400 Sampling Drum Machine is available again, after almost a year of being out of stock.

“Everyone knows how difficult it is to source microchips and parts these days, so it’s rare for us to have stock, but right now there are still some units left from the last pre-order batch. They are ready to ship,” they note. “It may be the last chance to purchase for some time.”

Isla Instruments calls the S2400 “The spiritual successor to the greatest drum machine the world ever saw.” It builds on the classic design of the E-Mu SP 1200, one of the most iconic sampling drum machines ever created.

Pricing and Availability:

The S2400 is available now for $1,799 USD.

10 thoughts on “Isla Instruments S2400 Sampling Drum Machine Available Again After Almost A Year

        1. i see you’re right, well, i don’t want a first batch product anyway, i prefer to give the manufacture time to improve and revise the design (pcb/firmware, other issues…)
          i don’t care to wait a year or two, i usually do that anyway…

            1. check some pictures and video, even the ones from 2020 shows “board version 2” 🙂
              this is normal, all pcbs revised countless times and its rarely advertised.

  1. I’m glad these exist. I’ve not seen one in person but I know a few people that have them and they are all VERY happy with their purchase.

  2. This feels like it has too little limitations to quench your thirst for a real SP1200, but too many to make a good modern sampler. Maybe I don’t get it, but I would have preferred a true replica of the 1200 over what this eventually turned out to be.

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