Behringer JT-2 Offers A Single Roland Jupiter-8 Voice For $299 (Sneak Preview)

Behringer has shared a sneak preview of the JT-2 – a Eurorack-format monophonic synth voice, based on the voice of the Roland Jupiter-8.

The company has previously teased plans for two other synths based on the Jupiter-8: a knockoff or clone of the Jupiter-8 keyboard, and an inexpensive Volca-style synth module, the Saturn Soul Synthesizer.

Here’s what they have to say about the Behringer JT-2:

“While we’re currently working on a full key version of the Jupiter, here is a new prototype in a smaller and more affordable Eurorack package. It features an authentic Jupiter voice based on the same VCOs and VCFs, plus an autotune and arpeggiator function.

We believe we could make it for US$ 299.”

Availability is to be announced. Behringer has previously indicated that it is moving full steam ahead on designing new synths, but it will be unable to manufacture many of these designs until recent global supply chain issues for electronic components get resolved.

Would you be interested in a monophonic Jupiter-8 in Euro format? Share your thoughts in the comments!

37 thoughts on “Behringer JT-2 Offers A Single Roland Jupiter-8 Voice For $299 (Sneak Preview)

  1. That could be a great addition to my Neutron, as well as augmenting my modular system. Also, could multiple units be combined for polyphonic application, as I have done with the Neutron? And what about effects, or any external cv application?

  2. Not only am I not interested in a single voice Jupiter, I’m not really interested in the knockoff of the real thing, either. I had an MKS-80 in my studio for a few years in the 90s. I was never really impressed with the “Roland analog sound”. I used it so infrequently that I forgot that I did have a real analog polysynth in my studio at one time. Just not my cup of tea, I guess.

    1. a friend of mine said the same of the MKS tho it’s important to note the revisions of it used different filters and overall design. I’ve never been sure if the Roland filter is that appealing for me.

      I’d echo the disinterest in this particular behringer too however. . I was underwhelmed by the finished pro800 too. I am really hoping they go forward with the dual-SEM prototype they’ve posted about a few times, or the full VCS3 (not the mini version they seem to be going forward with).

      I’m hoping they keep going regardless. It is always neat to see what they’re working on.

    2. I’m so happy to hear your productive thoughts John. Now I can sleep well. Thanks again. People like you and your comments make the inteewebz way more ‘interesting’ for all of us. Sincerely Sid

    1. Jupiter 6 and Jupiter 8 have such different sounds….I like both…most prefer the 8 though….if you are a gan of the band “Orbital” they used a ton of Jupiter 6 back on the day.

    1. Sure do. Will never buy one of their products because of that, but I’m a drama Queen so I do enjoy articles about them.

  3. I’m a bit confused about the price, given that the “Saturn Soul” was offering something quite similar, but apparently with three vco’s, for a third of the price.

    (I realize it’s odd to be discussing the “price”, given that neither actually exist.)

    1. This is built in their standard eurorack-style desktop enclosure. More raw material = higher cost. Larger and heavier = more expensive to ship.

    2. this “standard sized user interface” accrues larger numbers of relatively more expensive electro-mechanical components, which entails a large enclosure, and so on. I was never impressed with roland stuff either. price is based on burdened BOM cost plus margin for a fixed bag of parts – almost the same parts that go into all their eurorack sized products. the price ‘estimate’ is just the price they all cost in the end. they’re delivering products from a platform architecture, all products are dependent on the same set(s) of part(s) plus some funky plastic molds for OB paddles, panel holes, and paint.

    3. Thanks all, I totally understand that this costs more to make. My Neutron is very nicely made, especially for the price.

      I’m more questioning whether Behringer will actually release two near-identical synths (the Saturn Soul even has more oscillators) where one is three times the price of the other.

      But maybe once everything gets started they’ll be able to churn out hundreds of different things in all the different form factors, and the consumers can choose which to buy.

      1. that wasn’t the point – if you have a one design you can make three products from and make more money, then yes you make all three products. it’s a common platform product delivery strategy. in a sense the entire vintage ‘knockoff’ line is just one product; all the same parts, equals more volume, results in less parts cost overall. lost cost manufacturing is a different business model than traditional premium synth business.

    1. Synthtopians look down on the Boutique series because they’re digital. It’s hifi snobbery transposed onto the synth industry. Behringer is milking our irrational snobbery for all they can.

  4. So for a mere $2400 total, you can gang up 8 of these with a controller and have 8 full voices. A Jupiter-X goes for $2900, so the B option is cheaper, until one of the modules craps out and you go mad trying to figure out why. Is so-called sanity worth an added $500?


  5. This doesn’t shake up anything at all. A full J8 maybe – but a single voice J is a big no-no, no matter who made it. Behringer have made better single voiced synths earlier (and no – I do not buy into that paraphonic crap).

  6. I suppose the thing which is unique about this one is the CV inputs? and the possibility of using a ‘real’ early jupiter filter perhaps. Even if it’s mono/paraphonic, it would be one of the only things on the market to not be using the jup-6 and later versions of the filter like the mks units mostly had.

  7. Somebody at Behringer doesn’t understand the difference between designing a monosynth voice and a polysynth voice.

    It doesn’t make any sense musically to make a monosynth from the Jupiter-8.

    That said, this has the nicest looks of any of their Eurorack modules.

    1. I agree i think having a standardized cv matrix would be great for their modules going forward . . and/or a controller/case system with an extensive set of CV outs so to send full/split/high/low/last signals to a collection of the modules. I just visualized this today, as a compromise or re-imagining of the Four Voice or Eight Voice case setup (the old oberheim). it’d be amazing to have their poly module, string module, and space for a high and low note voice as well, within a nice 4+ octave keyboard and case unit, just like a customizable four-voice (the old oberheim). I tend to set my stuff up my favourite sounds that way at home, but have no convenient way to transport it.

        1. They indeed teased one, but not for the soul’series, explaining it should include a sequencer, and be 3 voices polyphonic… btw, most of the promised soul series (probably never to be released…) are polyphonic…

      1. folks seriously misunderstand the Behringer vintage ‘knockoff’ business plan; it’s low cost manufacturing; you can’t manufacture if you don’t have low cost, you can’t have low cost if you build when parts costs are too high.


        these threads are hilarious.

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