Shut Up & Play: Sounds Of Synclavier Regen

Sound designer Paul Schilling shared this no-talk audio demo of his factory presets for the Synclavier Regen – a new hardware synth that offers the power of the Synclavier II DSP engine, enhanced and optimized.

Here’s what Schilling shared about the sound demos:

“A selection of my factory presets for the Regen, with the Hydrasynth set to MPE mode. I was thrilled to be able to work on this wonderful machine.

Plenty of examples of MPE poly-aftertouch. A couple of movie references are thrown in. (At 5:40 the “Principal’s office” arp sound from WarGames, originally programmed by Anthony Marinelli on the Synclavier II. At 6:08 a nod to Wendy Carlos’ Ending Titles from Tron.)

I like the ease with which you can throw together additive, subtractive and sample layers with this interface, and mold them in various ways. The Regen can sound very warm and organic, as well as having a wide digital-sounding spectrum.

All reverb in this demo and other things that sound like FX (chorus etc.) are coming from the Regen.”

17 thoughts on “Shut Up & Play: Sounds Of Synclavier Regen

  1. if only it wasn’t so ugly and color oriented, I would have jumped on this in a second. oh well, maybe they’ll update Synclavier Go again.

    1. We could make some exquiste end cheeks for our synths by collecting all the chips falling from your shoulder.
      Worry about the bigger things like world peace, justice and the environment, and you’ll find that the external beauty of your synths will take care of itself.

      1. lol. “mommy! mommy! someone on the internet was mean to me”.

        if folks made products for everyone, then everyone would love them. since they don’t, I don’t either.

  2. C’mon, its Synthtopia, not Twitter with Synths! “You look like Phil Spector wiped his a$$ with Randy Quaid” makes a lousy go-to opening. Here’s a great NSFW answer to THAT crapola!

    First, you can adapt to an iffy GUI if the sound is right, which it is here. Second, there are equally powerful ways to get into that sound arena now, for way less money, including Arturia’s Synclavier V. Third, this is a decent enhancement of the original, also for way less money. The added features aren’t at all casual. Its not as if $2500-5000 price tags aren’t common lately. Fourth, don’t be a Synth Karen. It sucks like a trio of black holes. 😀

    1. Enjoyed the “Welcome to the Internet” song more then the Synclavier demo.

      Synclavier regen is not my cup of tea. Interface is a total missconception.
      Sound is same old and totally unspectacular in 2023.

      “you can adapt to an iffy GUI if the sound is right” – no you cannot, like no one ever adapted to the original dx7 hardware interface.

      Also funny whenever someone criticizes a synths interface the reaction is almost always “but the sound!” no matter if it actually sounds good or not.

      now watching “Welcome to the Internet” again 🙂

  3. Admittedly, the DX7 is almost a torture test for the worst interface experience and there are others, too. Fair point. Still, most of my synths have made the grade well enough to become fun. Pecking away during the initial learning phase is part of it.

    OTOH, so is sampling the sound of it hitting the curb and shattering once you realize its a bum deal. The Casio FZ-1 had a great sound, but its data handling was awful, leading to stacks of floppies a mile high when others only reached a quarter mile. That was a HULK SMASH! moment.

  4. I could see myself doing the Don Quixote with this, had it been 1000+ euros less. I’ve been a sucker in the past for synths with horrid interfaces for the hope of that “special” sound. But i don’t hear that “special” here either.

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