Endless Intros $10,000 Beat Machine Beatmaking Arcade Console

Endless has introduced the Beat Machine – a $10,000 beatmaking arcade console.

The Beat Machine is designed to provide bring an active, physical experience to beatmaking.

You can use your own external instruments, VSTs and MIDI controllers. Everything you make is instantly synced and can be imported anywhere.

Arcade Mode features remix challenges and beatmaking ‘missions’. Endless is collaborating with producers like BT to create missions

Open Mic mode places the full creative power of the Beat Machine in public spaces for live beat-battles, open mic nights and jam sessions.


  • Durable and Tough Casing With Custom Vinyl Graphics
  • High-resolution Digital Marquee Screen With Custom Animations
  • 24” Main Touchscreen
  • 5” Contextual Touchscreen
  • Arcade Buttons
  • Arcade Joystick
  • X/Y Controller
  • High-quality Integrated Speakers
  • 2x Trs Jack Audio Outputs
  • Neutrik Xlr / Jack Instrument Input 2x
  • Usb 3 Ports
  • Lifetime Over-the-air Updates
  • Low-latency Audio Input and Output

See the Endless site for details.

30 thoughts on “Endless Intros $10,000 Beat Machine Beatmaking Arcade Console

  1. Nevermind the bitter malcontents pojecting their own failed musical dreams onto anything different. Drake’s game room just got 100% cooler.

      1. one of the benefits of great wealth is not having to give one sweet squat about what anyone thinks of you. i’m sure you’re much cooler than that loser anyway, which must be a comfort to you

        1. “one of the benefits of great wealth is not having to give one sweet squat about what anyone thinks of you”
          You forgot to attribute that quote to its most avid proponents: R Kelly and J Epstein.

        2. Why do you have to be rich to not care what others think of you? I would postulate that actually he worries a lot about what others think, since he is a public figure.

  2. people are going to be angry about the price. but realize this is not intended for individuals to buy for their home studios; its meant for galleries/restaurants/bars/venues to buy as an arcade cabinet, for public usage

    still, I can’t help looking at it and thinking how I could build the same thing for 1000 bucks.

      1. It’s amazing how people think they can do anything for a fraction of the price. If someone can develop, manufacture, market, and distribute commercial arcade machines including the software they run for 1k a pop and still make revenue, they would be swimming in money. The competition does not seem to be able to sell them for less than 10-20k; they must do something terribly wrong.

        1. not talking about mass-manufacturing, personally. but I can look at the constituent parts and see thats if its something I really personally wanted, the parts are not expensive. laser cut MDF arcade cab panels, and some arcade sticks are very sourceable

          sure I wouldn’t get the software, but there is enough sophisticated beat-making software out there; I cant imagine these people coming up with anything new/exciting. they ain’t elektron, soma, or cycling74

  3. I hope Roland is watching; they could make a sick (miniature?) version with a couple of TB-03’s, TR-08’s & TR-09’s. All connected to a bunch of D-Beam controllers of course. Would love to get one for my birthday party next april 1st!

  4. every single one of the naysayers here would likely give it a try if this machine lands in their neighborhood barcade or dive bar. seriously so cool and hopefully the first of many.

  5. I’m not going to buy one but this is a cool object/idea. I don’t think 10k is a crazy amount to charge for this. This is made outside the usual system that provides benefits of production at scale. The cost of raw wood for the cabinet alone is likely at least several hundred dollars. The hours of prototyping, software development, engineering drawings, CNC patterns, graphics printing, etc. have got to be numerous for this. I like to think that my own time is worth an amount of money that allows for comfortable living and I don’t begrudge the same opinion from others who make unique products on a small scale. The equation changes a bit when the product starts to accrue value due to scarcity/popularity/desirability rather than the materials and time that went into it but I want small time makers to make a good living.

  6. I mean I am going to be honest – it just kind of seems dumb. I don’t think I need any qualifiers about price or function – like the concept seems dumb.

  7. If you put a quarter in the right slot, it even plays “Free Bird.” I’m surprised that no one has called it a “VST in hardware” yet. There, done! It seems well-designed for its intended use, but it smells too much like “Zardoz” for me. 😀 That’s an ultra-strange John Boorman sci-fi film. If you haven’t seen it, its a twisted treat.

  8. If this is done right– rugged hardware, super-versatile and robust software– this is a winning idea. That’s a big “IF”. I don’t think this is an easy product to make, much less perfect. If they pull it off, it could be a pretty big hit– especially if they can engineer enough variety of fun activities to attract the most users.

    As a concept, it merges the worlds of old-school arcade games and modern groove machines– both of which give you endorphin hits in similar measure.

  9. probably if I had 10k to invest in this type of equipment (dreaming) my choice would be for the reactive
    but that’s not bad it needs a small window where people can put the coin and use it for a limited time
    in ranked mode
    where an AI evaluates your skills as a producer and weekly the winner is given a prize puppet in the shape of whatever you want (I know what you’re thinking)

  10. I used endless a bunch in beta and when it was first released for iOS. It’s a fun tool for collaborative jamming. It seems to have been expanded quite a bit. I’ll probably give it another look. Id wager this arcade machine is 100% a marketing exercise and not intended as a major revenue stream. Give a couple away, throw a few events with one for people to play with and get a bunch of press for the platform. I’d love to play with one. Dirtywave built a similar one for their M8 tracker which also looked super cool.

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