Jean-Michel Jarre Studio Tour

This video captures electronic music legend Jean-Michel Jarre giving a quick tour of his Paris synth lair.

After making music for 50 years, Jarre has an exquisite collection of rare vintage gear and modern gear alike. In addition to loads of classic gear, it features a digital Mellotron, a large Eurorack modular system an even an acoustic resonator from La Voix du Luthier.

Check it out and share your thoughs in the comments!

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13 thoughts on “Jean-Michel Jarre Studio Tour

  1. I like his approach with the two rooms: one where JMJ puts all his gear, and then the studio where he only has the synths installed he decides to use for the particular work. You force yourself to be creative with what is on hand.

  2. He owns one of almost everything, but I was more impressed with Klaus Schulze’s rig. I appreciate Jarre overall, but Klaus’s love for samplers and Waldorf gear seemed to fit his music more precisely.

    Besides, its just a GAS thing to eye these setups and drool. Owning some of the desirable classics walks a line between being dazzling and being saddled with their delicacy & repair issues. Thumbs up for *digital* Mellotrons!

    1. I admire Klaus for being able to release diverse variations of one concept.
      Jarre has different concepts for different albums, this is reason Jarre chooses different synths for each album.

  3. JMJ is a totally cool dude. When I watched this part of me felt yeh synths are like classic cars. They are all different and give us different feelings and ideas to inspire. That Roland one looked cool at the end.

    The other half of me was thinking he would be better off with just one synth. Which one….hmmmm…….You can do more with limitations.

    I’ve got too many synths. They aren’t expensive but sometimes it is detrimental. You play around with them too much.

    Having said that JMJ has done lots of music unlike me!

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