Ambient Synth Jam With Korg OpSix, Wavestate

Synthesist and sound designer Alba Ecstasy shared this extended ambient synth jam, featuring Korg OpSix and Wavestate.

Here’s what he shared about the technical details:

“MicroFreak + Skylar are used for the drone sound.
V-Synth GT is coming with the flute,
ASM Explorer a custom bells patch.
Jupiter-Xm from drums, bass and riffs (iArp).
Ti2 my favourite Moog style lead I made on it.

Additional post production software effects: Waves Delay, Arturia Juno chorus, Eventide Blackhole and Crystals reverb.”

One thought on “Ambient Synth Jam With Korg OpSix, Wavestate

  1. The performance was fine, but the main thing I took from this was the layout of his studio. I wish that I had a room that was wide enough to accomplish a circular layout of my gear.

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