Elektron Digitakt Gets Seamless Loopcloud Integration

Loopcloud has announced seamless integration for the Elektron Digitakt drum machine with the powerful sample library of Loopcloud.

You can now connect your Digitakt to Loopcloud and access more than 4 million sounds. Alongside one-shots, ideal for beat making, loops and musical phrases can be drag-and-dropped to the Digitakt.

With the hardware connected, users of Digitakt and Loopcloud will be able to seamlessly transfer loops, which are automatically time-stretched into Digitakt’s current BPM. Digitakt owners can also use Loopcloud to view what’s stored on their device.

Pricing & Availability:

Digitakt owners are eligible for 2 months free access to Loopcloud. Monthly subscriptions start from £5.99 / €6.99 / $7.99. All monthly plans come with a free trial.

5 thoughts on “Elektron Digitakt Gets Seamless Loopcloud Integration

  1. 2 months free is nice but I’m not gonna pay anything after that so I’m not even gonna bother.
    I HATE subscriptions!

    1. Seriously? Its usually the other way around:) Funny cause it sounds like “I feel like spending $899.00 to get the most of my $7.99 subscription”. Loopcloud has been tempting me lately.

  2. Everyone should own a digitakt. I got mine as a gift and thought it was so-so at first. Years later and it’s my most used piece of hardware. It’s just perfect and it keeps getting better.

  3. Loopcloud doesn’t allow loading your own samples since the last versions they put out? With the Digitakt there might be a way to do it.

    I own a copy of the software, version 5, or 6.0 dev beta. I never use it, but it allows me to use their stretch algorithm which is elastique pro v3, made by zPlane. Which is one of the best.This could be for good use if you work in the box, stretching and chopping it with the software and using it in the digitakt…

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