‘Lost’ Node Album, Singularity, Available After Three Decades

UK electronic music label DiN has released Singularity, the ‘lost’ album of synth group Node.

Singularity was recorded during their original sessions in 1994. The recording features the lineup of Dave Bessell, Ed Buller, Flood and Gary Stout. The video, embedded above, features footage from a live performance on Paddington Station and recording sessions at Master Rock studios London in 1994.

Here’s what label DiN as to say about the album:

“The music is a snapshot in time 29 years ago when Node were first powering up their huge banks of vintage modulars and sequencers to create a tapestry of electronic sound.

At times raw and almost out of control and at others delicate and ethereal, this quartet of fabled musicians can create atmospheres and soundscapes like no other. The crackling energy of the sounds they coax out of these steam driven behemoths positively pulsates with life and organic energy and will be a real treat for aficionados of the Berlin school style of electronic music.”

The album is being released for the first time, mastered to modern standards, but otherwise untouched and in its original form, recorded to two track with no overdubs. As a bonus the track Terminus is included with this release.


Dave Bessell – disguised guitar, interactive phrase synthesizer, atmospheres and keys
Ed Buller – monster moog, sequences and keys
Flood – sonic interventions, sequences
Gary Stout – ring modulated trumpet, atmospheres and keys

Singularity is available now on limited edition Digipak CD (with 8 page booklet) or as a digital download. You can preview it below:

3 thoughts on “‘Lost’ Node Album, Singularity, Available After Three Decades

  1. Brilliant, shame no one is making instrumental electronic music like that these days…
    As Puck said – instant buy for me as well 🙂
    BTW; For £7 I can get cup of coffee and a donut where I live… who can argue with the price like that, bargain…

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