Concerto For Theremin & Chamber Orchestra

This video captures a live performance of Linda Kernohan’s Concerto for Theremin & Chamber Orchestra, performed by Caroline Scruggs and the Central Ohio Symphony in July, 2022.

Here’s what Scruggs has to say about the Concerto:

“This piece beautifully showcases the abilities and wide dynamic of the theremin – an ethereal, other-world voice amidst the earthly, familiar voices of the orchestra.”

The Concerto leans into the theremin’s traditional ‘spooky’ style, and quotes some examples of the theremin (and similar instruments) in popular music.

4 thoughts on “Concerto For Theremin & Chamber Orchestra

  1. Well played.

    I can see why you don’t think much of my theremin music.

    Playing while seated is my contribution to the theremin world to ensure accuracy by eliminating sway.

    The advanced theremin project is not a contribution at all.

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