Using The Elektron Octatrack As An Acid Bassline Synth

In this Patchwerks video, synthesist Matthew Piecora takes a look at using the Elektron Octatrack as an acid bassline synthesizer.

The video is from a live stream for 303 Day, and the presentation starts at about 1:30 in.

Piecora demonstrates how you can use single-cycle waveforms and the Octatrack’s filter to make 303 style sounds. Unlike the original 303, though, the Octatrack is designed to let you create complete tracks.

Check out the video and share your thoughts on it in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Using The Elektron Octatrack As An Acid Bassline Synth

  1. I’ll save you some time: No, there isn’t any glide. It’s still pretty impressive how musical the OT’s filters are for a sampler though.

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