Spectrasonics Introduces ‘Twisted Trees’ Sonic Extension For Omnisphere

Spectrasonics has introduced Twisted Trees, a Sonic Extension for Omnisphere, created entirely from wood and elements of nature, by sound designer Diego Stocco.

Twisted Trees is designed for dark cinematic production, with thousands of unique sounds in nine different categories, and over 400 new sound sources.


  • A creative tour-de-force by sound designer Diego Stocco
  • Every sound built entirely using wood and elements of nature
  • Thousands of unique sounds in nine different categories
  • New “Twisted Space” natural elements reverb/echo effect
  • New “Twisted Root” multiband subsonic enhancer effect
  • Powerful Custom Controls for immediate sound manipulation
  • Over 400 new organic Soundsources
  • Elements mixer makes it inspiring to create and automate
  • Deep sampled percussion to otherworldly playable textures

Twisted Space Reverb

The “Twisted Space” effect unit is a hybrid ambience processor with a unique sonic signature. This effect unit is a hybrid ambience processor with a unique sonic signature. Based on over 100 natural element recordings Diego Stocco made from animals, trees, streams, caves and forests – as well as DSP algorithms – this effect puts the musician and the listener out “into the wild.”

  • 115 Natural Elements: Liquid Woods, Ice Excavation, Bark Friction, Blizzard and more
  • Hybrid Ambience FX unit based on convolution and algorithmic processing
  • Ambience Types include: Reverb, Inverse, Echo, Multitap, BPM Delay
  • Add movement with variable Ambience/Echo Modulation
  • Classic Analog regeneration buildup with killer extremes
  • “Massive” Sub Octave Blending of Natural Elements
  • Continuous Stereo Spread of Ambience Time
  • Color, Low Cut and High Cut tone controls
  • Multitap mode for scattered diffusion FX
  • Inverse mode for backwards reverb FX
  • Works in any Omnisphere Patch

Twisted Root Sub-Effect

“Twisted Root” is a special multi-band subsonic enhancer effect that adds “massive girth, size and sheen” to any sound you run through it.

Each of the four bands has controls for the sustain and the level of each frequency independently. The Sub Octave, Hype and Drive controls add intensity and power that the user can easily to dial to taste.

  • Four-band compression/enhancement, with integrated sub-octave bass divider
  • Low, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid and High bands with independent sustain and level
  • Sub Octave control can be mixed to taste, from 100% dry to 100% wet
  • Hype control has class-A analog-modeled input/output gain-staging
  • Drive circuit adds subtle saturation to cut thru dense mixes
  • Easy-to-use, great-sounding results with simple controls
  • Works in any Omnisphere Patch

Pricing and Availability

Twisted Trees is available now via Spectrasonics’ website for $149 US. Twisted Trees requires Omnisphere 2.8.5e or higher, and 3.6 Gb free space. Sonic Extensions offers 20% and 30% discounts for purchases of multiple titles.

3 thoughts on “Spectrasonics Introduces ‘Twisted Trees’ Sonic Extension For Omnisphere

  1. i would watch a performance of them “playing those instruments” is that “staged fashion”. if it eventually had a beat, or a melody. not into ambient other than observing “that’s a cool sound”.

  2. Wow. Very tempting. I’ve wondered why Diego didn’t do this years ago, as its his specialty. You can bet its polished to the Nth degree.

    I’ve never taken up Omnisphere because I can’t imagine using anything *else* for a very long time if I did. Remember, it comes with over 14,000 presets. Good luck making much use of your other gear with that front & center. Your section of Favorites could number in the thousands, although that’s not a classically bad thing in synth-world, ahem…

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