Phantasmal Force micro MIDI controller Now Available

Distropolis Goods has introduced the Phantasmal Force, a 16 button + 1 knob micro MIDI controller.

It’s designed to be very small – pocket size – and to be useful for desktop setups where space can be a premium. It’s made to order, so you can customize button colors.


  • Very compact
  • 16 programmable, clicky, tactile switches
  • 1 programmable knob (functions based on the last button pressed)
  • OLED display
  • Note, chord (three note, user definable), CC, transport and Program Change via MIDI
  • Various presets including random chord generation
  • MIDI out over USB C and TRS-A
  • 26 save slots
  • Configurable default settings
  • RGB LED status indicator
  • USB powered
  • Printed manual

Video Demos:

Pricing and Availability:

The Phantasmal Force is available now for $125 USD.

2 thoughts on “Phantasmal Force micro MIDI controller Now Available

  1. Slick! Ordered. What caught my imagination was the ability to set up “compressed randomness,” so the buttons send random velocities between min and max values you set. That should be fun with my WVR sample player, which supports 32 velocity layers. The Phantasmal Force developer also wrote the popular Pixels script for the Monome Norns.

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