New App, Pixel Music, Lets You Create Musical Sequences From Photographs

Developer Andrei Antonescu shared this video demo of Pixel Music, a music sequencer for iOS & Mac that lets you create sequences based on images.

Here’s how it works. You start with an image:

  • Pixels turn into pitch, velocity, and note durations
  • Play multiple images at the same time, in sync
  • Choose what parts of the image will be played and at what timing
  • ┬áTap on the image and record yourself playing alongside the sequencer


  • AUv3 with preset and MIDI support
  • Ableton Link compatible
  • Control sequencer timing and configuration
  • Internal Synth with delay and reverb effects
  • Send MIDI to external synths when used as AUv3
  • Save and Load app states and configurations
  • Dark mode support

Pricing and Availability:

Pixel Music is available now for $5.99 USD.

via cdm

8 thoughts on “New App, Pixel Music, Lets You Create Musical Sequences From Photographs

  1. ooo! more nonsense! i can make music by waving my fingers!

    what people won’t do to avoid practicing these days. tsk tsk.

    1. Yes. I practice hitting the buttons on my sequencer for 8 hours a day. It was tough at first, because I kept missing the buttons, but I think I finally have it down.

  2. Heaven forbid if anyone actually imagined music and then endeavoured to express it.
    A music tool for infinite monkeys.
    File along with preset randomiser, MIDI files, phrase generators etc, and to be perfectly frank: genres. Genres are the painfully obvious bits you copy from someone else’s creation because you care more about being popular than actually pouring your existence into art. YMMV.

  3. i propose two internets; one for humans, and the other for the all the AI, algorithmic crutches, and mechanistic nonsense that’s burbling to the surface lately.

  4. This is pretty neat actually, would be interesting to actually hear the sequences this app evokes from images, could be a fun experiment and certainly a fun story for any song that brings from the sequence. A nice, simple, niche sequencer.

  5. Lol all this negativity is so funny. If it doesn’t fit your creative workflow, then don’t use it. Why bash it?

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