Waldorf M 16Voice Doubles The Polyphony

Waldorf Music has introduced the M 16Voice, a new version of the Waldorf M synthesizer that ups the polyphony from 8 voices to 16.

The Waldorf M 16Voice is a 16-voice polyphonic, four-part multitimbral wavetable synthesizer. It features two wavetable oscillators per voice, with independent wavetable-generating Classic Microwave 1 and Modern Microwave II/XT modes.

For owners of the original Waldorf M, the company is now also offering the M Voice Expansion V0.6 card, which expands the polyphony  by 8 voices.

Pricing and Availability:

The Waldorf M 16Voice is available now for 2.308,00 €, and the M Voice Expansion V0.6 card is available for 699,00 €.

10 thoughts on “Waldorf M 16Voice Doubles The Polyphony

    1. The M has hybrid voices – wavetable oscillators, but analog VCF & VCA.

      Analog or digital, though, you’re paying for the fact that this is a very niche product.

    2. The Sequential Prophet 5 voice expander costs $899. If you own a Waldorf M and want to double the voice count (4 voice / 4 part multitimbral), this is a worthwhile purchase.

    3. It also makes the M even more attractive. Plus, if you’ve already got an M, where else can you get an eight-VCF synth for 700?

  1. Absolutely love the sound of this synth, it fizzes and sparkles with great stereo space unlike any other synth. I updated it to 16 voices as I was enjoying it so much!

    It replaced my Iridium: it’s more immediate to use, and has great sonic character – really lovely filters too.

    You don’t even really need external FX, but I’m now using a simple external FX pedal, Ocean’s 12.

  2. My issue with this announcement is that I cannot understand the evolution of the price point. I purchased a new Waldorf M eight voice at Sweetwater last year for $2,499 USD. That price has now dropped to $2,099 USD, and the 16-voice version is priced at $2,499 USD. So there is only a $400 USD difference between the eight voice module and 16 voice module, yet the upgrade card is over $700 USD. What am I missing here?

    1. People have already purchased the unit and it will cost them more than $700 to upgrade by the time they sell their existing unit and buy a new upgraded one. In comparison, when people are buying the unit it is a reasonable upsell as paying the extra upfront will save them in the long term.

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