RYK Intros New Module For Classic Roland System 100m Modular Synthesizer

RYK Modular shared this video demo of the M175 Triple Resonator, a new module for the classic Roland System 100m modular synthesizer.

Consisting of three resonant Band Pass Filters arranged in parallel, the M175 is great for “adding some shape and character to a sound”. You can use the triple peaks to add acoustic style resonant spikes, or modulate them to create dramatic phaser style swooshes and sweeps. Or you can tune the center frequencies to create formant-style vocal noises from waveforms with high harmonic content, such as pulse waves.

The M175 contains three dual Vactrols to control the center frequency of each resonator, which add a small amount of slew to the frequency modulation, famously associated with classic Buchla modules.


  • Three Vactrol controlled Band Pass Filters arranged in normalized parallel, or can be used as three separate filters.
  • Audio input signal is normalized to all three resonators, but can be overridden by inserting a jack into the resonators 1st inputs allow them to be used separately.
  • A mix output is available that sums the output of all three resonators, by inserting a jack into a resonators individual output overrides its output from the mix output.
  • Keyboard CV is supplied via the standard System 100m DIN connector, to the 1st modulation input of each resonator.
  • The 2nd input of the first resonator is normalized to each of the other two resonators
  • Authentic reproduction of Roland System 100m panel, with 100m grey paint finish and 70’s off white screen print.

Pricing and Availability

The M175 Triple Resonator is available for £595.00.

6 thoughts on “RYK Intros New Module For Classic Roland System 100m Modular Synthesizer

  1. Yikes! Is the Roland modular format extra expensive? like Buchla? Am I wrong in thinking $595 is a substantial number of George Washingtons? I don’t think that same unit, in the Euro-rack market would be that expensive… would it?

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