MooSonics Intros Vanilla Envelope For MU Format Modular Systems

MooSonics – the recently resurrected modular synth maker, now led by Suit & Tie Guy (Knobcon, STG Soundlabs) – has introduced the Vanilla Envelope, a new envelope generator + VCA design that they say takes inspiration from “a certain American two voice synthesizer from the 1970s”.

The Vanilla Envelope provides two functions in one module: an envelope generator and  VCA. The integrated functions can be used completely independently, if desired.

Suit notes that the MooSonics Vanilla Envelope adds a negative EG output; the VCA is ‘tweaked out’ to be a bit hotter on the input, so if you want to push it into distortion you can; and the input-output signal levels are updated to modern MU standards, as set by Roger Arrick 23 years ago with the line.

The top knob is attack time, second knob is decay and release time, and the third knob is the sustain level. The LED indicates output of the EG.

The VCA provides approximately unity gain, at a 5V control voltage or maximum EG sustain level.

MooSonics is initially making the Vanilla Envelope available as a kit. An assembled version may follow.

Note: The PCB is labeled with all component values. It will ship with paper BOM and schematic. There is an assumption that buyers have some experience in building electronic devices. If you have no experience, you will need to do some research on basic assembly techniques.

Pricing and Availability:

The MooSonics Vanilla Envelope Kit will be available in April, priced at $150 USD.

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