Soma Labs + Andrew Huang Intro Exclusive Pulsar-23 Edition Drum Machine

Perfect Circuit let us know about an exclusive release, the PULSAR-23 Andrew Huang Edition.

A collaboration between musician/video producer Andrew Huang and the creative minds at SOMA Laboratory, the PULSAR-23 Andrew Huang Edition is priced the same as the standard PULSAR-23, but features a limited edition color scheme and custom knobs.

The SOMA PULSAR-23 ‘organismic drum machine’ has become a cult classic instrument, because of its unique, hands-on design. The PULSAR-23 features 52 knobs, 11 switches and over 100 inputs and outputs, which mean you have a tremendous range of immediate control over the sounds and rhythms that you can explore.

PULSAR-23’s four voices are tailored to produce kick, bass, snare, and hat sounds, all of which can be controlled using the built-in recorder/sequencer or external MIDI or control voltages.

The Perfect Circuit exclusive PULSAR-23 includes a custom colorway, knobs, and hat — all developed in collaboration with Andrew Huang to complement his unique take on this experimental drum machine.


  • Exclusive Andrew Huang artist edition experimental drum machine
  • Custom neon yellow colorway with custom knobs + alligator clip hat
  • Four-voice analog sound generation with digital effects
  • Alligator clip interface for experimental + intuitive patching experience
  • Control via built-in sequencer, MIDI, or control voltages from modular synthesizers

Pricing and Availability:

The Pulsar-23 Semi-Modular Drum Machine Andrew Huang Edition is available now for $2,250.

49 thoughts on “Soma Labs + Andrew Huang Intro Exclusive Pulsar-23 Edition Drum Machine

  1. Soma Labs still maintains contact and collaboration with Russia. The Bucha liberation anniversary is today. Terribly bad timing for this article. Why would anyone buy anything from a company that collaborates with the murderous Russian regime?

    1. Dear kennyb,

      Just to paint you a picture of the reality.

      Not everyone who lives in Russia supports the regime as well as not everyone who lives in USA were Donal Trump supporter, when he was president.

        1. And what do you think will happened to a small company with a base in Russia, if they comment in negative interest of their country? 🙂

    2. What does „collaboration“ with Russia mean? Do they provide synthesizers and drum machines to the fighting forces? Or do they just happen to come from Russia and live there?

      1. Invader, invaded.
        There’s a big difference.
        Putin only did it because he thought it’d be an easy land grab.
        The genocidal slaughter is all his doing.

  2. KennyB,
    I had an exchange with Vlad at SOMA right after the invasion. It was depressing to learn that he was a supporter of Putin, and he thought that Ukraine was full of “Nazis”. Anyone supporting SOMA Labs is supporting warcrimes in Ukraine. I am including retailers.

    I am urging people to get on the right side of history
    . Moving their factory to Poland doesn’t change a damn thing.

    Sorry to Andrew Huang. You are on the wrong side of history here. Do your homework buddy.

        1. There were Nazis who did not support Hitler. Some of them even helped the Jews. So if it was a Nazi who did not openly support genocide and didn’t actually have a major impact on the war, but nevertheless could have a major impact on my quality of life, then maybe yes…

    1. Without posting evidence I call bs. Yes they had contacts in Russia but they’re located in Polen and got a lot of Russian customers. As far as I know they’re anti war. If they were pro war why would they invite the biggest synth communities who are openly supporting Ukraine and condemning Putin’s actions?

      1. Not ‘had contacts’, you seem to want to minimise it.
        They have a factory there, Vlad is based there.
        ‘As far as I know they’re anti war’
        How can you make that statement when Soma / Vlad have never made an anti-war statement or gesture?

    2. I can’t share your thoughts. There’s no proof that he supports or collaborate with the regime of RF. It’s really heavy charges that you put on the neck of someone who doesn’t hear you and can’t answer you. Living in the country with a regime is not necessary supporting the regime. Don’t miss the real target.

    3. « Moving their factory to Poland doesn’t change a damn thing »
      Their factory in Poland exist long ago 24/02/2022

      1. Yes, they had parallel Russian and Polish factories.
        Yes, they suspended their Russian factory because they know how bad it would look and how much harder it is to do business there.
        Vlad’s had plenty of time to make a single anti-war gesture or statement.
        He’s made none to my knowledge. I’d love you correct me. (And don’t say that the general art and peace statement on his website is sufficient)

      1. “I had an exchange with the Synthtopia staff right after the invasion. It was depressing to learn that they are supporters of Putin. Anyone supporting Synthopia is supporting warcrimes”

        Will you let this stay then?:) Or is it only Atomic Shadow who is allowed to make baseless claims like this?

    4. No neo-Nazi militia (now part of the Ukrainian troops)? BBC has actually produced documentaries about these neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine many years ago, hope it’s still on youtube.

      The whole mess still hasn’t finished, it’s like proclaiming US was on the right side of history during the Vietnam War.

      1. There are neo-Nazi groups in Russia. Putin funds them! “Night Wolves” operating in the Donbas since years ago. Get your facts straight.

      2. I’ve seen it, no one is hiding it.
        Ukraine was like a watered down Russia, but certainly better and on a democratic path.
        Their move towards Europe scared the hell out of Putin.
        300+ journalists killed in Russia in the last 20 years.
        Pose a serious threat to Putin and you’re dead or as good as.
        Now Putin is indoctrinating school kids like North Korea, total control over media and move to totalitarianism.
        If you think there’s any equivalence to Ukraine or US you’re out of your mind.

    5. If this is true, please post it so the world can see (I myself don’t own any of their gear but if they are in favor of Putin they’ll definitely never get a cent from me in the future).

    6. ‘I had an exchange with Vlad at SOMA right after the invasion. It was depressing to learn that he was a supporter of Putin, and he thought that Ukraine was full of “Nazis”. Anyone supporting SOMA Labs is supporting warcrimes in Ukraine. I am including retailers.’

      This is a damning statement that needs evidence.

  3. Check this statement from soma, translated from
    “Grzegorz Lacek here, Head of Soma EU.
    Looking at this instrument with today’s eyes, one can get the impression that Soma glorifies war.
    Of course that’s not true. Surely you know the philosophy of Soma and any form of violence is alien to us.

    The Pacifist: Lyra 8 was created 4 years ago in a special edition for Thomann with the motto: instruments instead of weapons.
    Pulsar-23 was also called The Pacifist in this version, changed to Limited Edition.
    This is NOT a “Special Army Edition” and it is NOT support for the war.

    Pulsar The Pacifist went on sale as of January 2022. After the outbreak of war, despite the obvious pacifist connotations related to the historical idea of ??4 years ago, sales in Europe stopped.

    We won the war: Poles, Ukrainians and Russians work together at one table in our factory.
    We all support each other and don’t let politicians divide us.

    Please see our statements from last year after the outbreak of war. See Sonicstate’s Nick Batt’s visit to Warsaw.
    We all stick together.

    I wish you all the best. I would be happy to meet you for a glass of beer during the Superbooth in Berlin ?.



    1. Why do you feel this way?
      I think it’s good thing.
      3.5mm sockets are great, if you only want to route / plug in to 1 other socket / source.
      If you want to send something to multiple destinations a crocodile / alligator clip is a brilliant solution as you can just clip them to each other.
      Doing this with 3.5mm sockets requires adaptors and such.
      This is a much cleaner and simpler solution.
      Granted, for some situations it won’t be brilliant as you’d lose a little bit with each connection and I’m not sure if you can use attenuators with this.
      But on the whole I think it’s quite a good thing.

  4. So what about Electro Harmonix vacuum tubes and all the parent brands like, Sovtek, Tung Sol, mullard, etc? Their factory is located at Russia, right? Also the boss is an American who does business in Russia.

    1. I guess you know which threads to comment on then. This one is about SOMA, not whataboutism.
      Dilluting the information space is a typical Russian disinformation tactic.

      1. It is actually a typical western social media tactic as well. One could even argue it’s basic human behaviour, not specific to Russia in any way.

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