New Loop Library Features 75 Takes On The Famous ‘Amen Break’

The Beat Shed has introduced The Amen Break Re-recorded, a new loop library that offers 75 new takes on the famous ‘Amen Break’.

If you haven’t heard of the Amen Break, it’s a 4-bar drum loop played by Gregory C. Coleman, taken from the recording Amen Brother by The Winstons. It was included in a sample library years ago, uncredited, and has been used in thousands of songs since then. Some would argue that the Amen Break is the foundation of several electronic music genres, such as drum & bass and jungle.

The Amen Break Re-recorded features the classic break, rerecorded 75 times, with various combinations of 3 kick drums, 5 snares and 5 ride cymbals, recorded to maximize the sonic contrast.

Pricing and Availability:

The Amen Break Re-recorded is available now, priced starting at £ 22.50.

4 thoughts on “New Loop Library Features 75 Takes On The Famous ‘Amen Break’

  1. I hear there’s going to be a version 2.0 thanks to the popularity of this release — A whopping 99 variations of Amen played on kitchen utensils and appliances , released as a set of 20 floppies for the Akai S950.

  2. Meanwhile, hidden in other vintage recordings, a bunch of other amazing grooves collect dust while the Amen gets revisited, revised and refreshed. That’s ok. Amen is the Wilhelm Scream of grooves. It is a funky groove that deserves as much attention as anyone wants to give it.

    I have to imagine someone has already made a stroke-accurate MIDI loop of the Amen– so one could use various sample libraries to create even more variations, tempos, feels, etc. But it is nice that they used a kick-a$$ drummer to play these loops for reals.

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