Bitwig Studio 5 Now Available As A Beta Release, Here’s What’s New

Bitwig has announced that Bitwig Studio 5 is now available as a beta release.

Here’s what’s new:

  • 5 new multi-segment envelope generators –
    • Segments is an envelope with global time-scaling and loop modes. Use it as a Grid and Polymer module or as a modulator controlling any parameter.
    • Curves is an LFO modulator and Grid module that can sync to the beat time or groove.
    • Scrawl is an anti-aliasing oscillator for The Grid and Polymer.
    • Slopes is a pattern sequencer for The Grid with stereo phase options.
    • Transfer is a waveshaper for transforming incoming audio or other signals in The Grid.
  • New modulation options – Any control source — including audio or CV signals — can affect any device or plug-in.
    • Now modulators aren’t limited to devices — they can grab the mixer and project controls as well.
    • You can now animate your entire mixer with any of 40+ modulators, from step sequencers to audio sidechains or envelopes. One LFO can modulate any device on the same track, as well as the track’s panning, sends, and other parameters.
    • If you move that LFO to the project level, you can add modulations to all devices, channel strips, and transport targets, too. Want to sidechain the Fill button, or MSEG the project tempo? Now you can.
  • New Performance Gestures
  • Browse Better – the new browsers implement a modern, flexible approach that does away with hierarchies. You can search through devices, presets, and everything else — including different types of media or content — all in one screen.
  • Other changes:
  • A brand new onset detector that makes audio work better from the moment you drag it in.
  • Spanish and Korean language support for Bitwig Studio.
  • Keytrack+ modulator has an embedded MSEG editor window so you can draw your settings or load and save curves.
  • And for morphing control signals, you’ll love
  • Wavetable LFO modulator/Grid module

Here’s an overview of Bitwig Studio 5 performance features:

See the version details at the Bitwig site.

7 thoughts on “Bitwig Studio 5 Now Available As A Beta Release, Here’s What’s New

  1. I’ve envisioned global modulators since I first starting using Bitwig. Now that they’re here, it’s a total gamechanger. Great updates across the board.

  2. Great’s amazing to control Bitwig (mixer, transport etc) using cv from the modular!
    Alt clip launch great idea…no more Bitwig lacks MSEG…now it gives shaperbox a run for its money!

  3. Remember that Ableton update…hahahahahaha. Yeah, it was a .3 update in public beta with a sign up sheet but still, this update is great. The Mseg update alone will be fun. The new browser is a step back when trying to access my collections quickly but I’ll take the bad with the awesome.

    1. its a bit like a very professionally expanded and modernized version of Reason concept where you can flip the rack around and rewire everything in a completely modular way.. thats what makes it so interesting to use

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