Critter & Guitari Intros 5 Moons Mobile Multi-track Recorder & Looper

Critter & Guitari has introduced 5 Moons, a mobile multi-track recorder and looper.

It’s designed to be simple, easy to use and portable. It has a single 1/8″ audio in and out, but you can record to 5 tracks and store up to 20 hours of audio.


  • Audio Input/Output:
    • 1/8″ Monophonic Audio Input
    • 1/8″ Monophonic Audio Output
  • Five Track Volume Sliders
  • Master Output Volume Potentiometer
  • Audio Format:
    • Record Sample Rate: 48KHz
    • Record Bit Depth: 16-bit
  • Included Storage:
    • An 8GB microSD card holds the operating system and audio storage.
    • There is ~7GB for available for audio storage.
  • This is about 20 hours total record time.

Pricing and Availability:

5 Moons is available now for $325.

6 thoughts on “Critter & Guitari Intros 5 Moons Mobile Multi-track Recorder & Looper

  1. Cool for experimental un-synced ambient type music

    But I fail to see how you could make anything beyond that without difficulty

    Even the demos shown with drums and bass are completely all over the place

    €325 seems a bit much

  2. I really like C&G’s style and fun approach to the exploratory art of creation. Organelle S is an outstanding product. Unfortunately, this 5 Moons is outclassed by some of the PD abstractions that are hosted on its sister product! For the ask, I could be more than half way to another Organelle S, which would be superior.

  3. This looks really fun!
    *notices only mono in- and output*
    Well nevermind then, I’ll keep on saving for a 1010music blueblox

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