Akai Professional Intros MPC X Special Edition, The Most Powerful MPC Ever

Akai Professional has released the MPC X Special Edition, their new flagship standalone music production workstation, featuring upgraded specs, the MPC plugin instrument collection onboard, and updated retro styling.

Akai says that the MPC X SE is the most powerful MPC ever, featuring a quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM. MPC X SE is also the only MPC with 2 In/4 Out MIDI.

The MPC X SE also features a premier collection of instruments, including the Fabric XL power-synth, Stage Piano, OPx4 FM synth and much more.


  • Standalone MPC – No computer required
  • MPC Plugin Collection- 20+ MPC Instruments
  • 48GB Internal Storage (over 16GB for User Storage)
  • 4GB RAM for Sampling and Audio Recording
  • 100+ Insert Effects from AIR Music Tech
  • Adjustable 10.1” Multi-Gesture Touch Screen
  • 16 Assignable Q Link Knobs
  • Iconic ‘Retro’ MPC Colorway
  • Includes MPC 2 Desktop software for Mac and PC.

Pricing and Availability:

The MPC X Special Edition is now available worldwide for $2499. Visit akaipro.com to learn more.

8 thoughts on “Akai Professional Intros MPC X Special Edition, The Most Powerful MPC Ever

  1. The black plastic knobs don’t look good with the design at all. The Retro Edition Live II is the only design they got right for the Retros they’ve done. Guess it’s back to MPCStuff.

    1. If you want to extend the joke, most of the hit songs, which we consider as “hits” in the past and today and still takes the airspace from the radio stations, were made on machines that often could handle up to 30 sec sampling time.

      How much space do you need to make something great?

    2. Rethinking it, the sampling time is with reference to the ram.

      Many of the machines used floppy in the past, that was able to handle 720 – 1.44 mb as the amount of space.

      So the calculation is 48000/1.44 = 33333.33 more memory

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