Behringer Perfect Pitch PP1 Module Converts Guitar & Audio To MIDI, USB & CV

Behringer has announced the Perfect Pitch PP1, a new Eurorack module that converts microphone, guitar, or line-level sources to MIDI, CV, and USB signals.

The module also features a line out so you can run external signals through your modular system.


  • 8HP size
  • Versatile I/O converts guitar, microphone, or line-level sources to MIDI, USB, or CV
  • Signal conversion allows for use with synthesizers, plug-ins, and other DAW control by near-instantly tracking pitch from mono sources
  • Pitch, gate, and trigger values are extracted for use with CV-compatible gear
  • Hi-Z and Low Cut functions allow you to match your incoming instrument signals
  • 50dB of gain available to keep things consistent without compromising output possibilities
  • USB MIDI allows for deep DAW integration from any instrumental source

Pricing and Availability:

The Perfect Pitch PP1 is available to pre-order for $99.

10 thoughts on “Behringer Perfect Pitch PP1 Module Converts Guitar & Audio To MIDI, USB & CV

  1. This actually looks interesting, but it’s bizarre that they’ve introduced 100 Eurorack modules and this is the first one that’s original.

    Did they run out of stuff to copy finally?

  2. Meh… another mono to mono device that may or may not ship. Great idea, if you only need monophonic output.

    1. If you have a need for polyphonic guitar to cv conversion into your eurorack, you are not looking at a $99 behringer version to suit your needs. You already have 20k of eurorack gear.

    2. Go from a guitar’s 13-pin out to a breakout box to six of these converters. I wonder if this would work? I would be $600 plus a $250 breakout box. I wonder if this would convert quicker and better than a Roland unit.

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