AJH Synths Intros MiniMod Keyz, A Minimoog-Inspired Eurorack Keyboard Synth

AJH Synth has announced the MiniMod Keyz – a Minimoog-inspired Eurorack keyboard synthesizer.

The MiniMod Keyz brings together a collection of modules that are essentially Euro-format clones of circuits from the original R.A.Moog version of the MiniMoog, and then adds a RING SM, Tap Tempo VC-LFO, and their new Low Fat HP filter.

The modules are build into a custom version of the ‘Epic AF’ NiftyKEYZ Euro keyboard case, fitted with custom Dark American Walnut end cheeks for a more vintage look.

Because the system is fully modular, it has a sonic range that goes far beyond the original Minimoog design.

  • The Ring SM is a 5-channel Moog CP3 mixer, EMS Synthi/VCS3 based Ring Modulator, and a very rich-sounding, simultaneous 2 octave sub-bass generator. User Guide:
  • The Tap Tempo VC-LFO is a very complex modulation source, with 16 common and unusual wave shapes, including stepped and sloped random voltages. Every element can be voltage-controlled, and can be clocked by external modules/sequencers, or act as a master clock, clock divider/multiplier. User Guide:
  • The Low Fat is a voltage-controlled 2hp high pass filter, and a great compliment to the classic, huge-sounding Transistor Ladder Filter. The Fattest filter in town needs to slim down sometimes! User Guide:
  • The NiftyKeyz is a 4-octave keyboard controller, with a large host of features, including arpeggiator, 4-voice polyphonic control, built-in LFO, and more.

Pricing and Availability:

The MiniMod KEYZ is available now for GBP 2329.17 (about $2,933 USD).

20 thoughts on “AJH Synths Intros MiniMod Keyz, A Minimoog-Inspired Eurorack Keyboard Synth

  1. Lovely! One of two Minimoog-based systems (the other being MidiMini V30 by Studio Electronics) that I would prefer to the recent Model D re-issue. It sounds on par, is less expensive, and offers vastly more options thanks to the patch points. Also, AJH Synths are really friendly and nice people.

  2. I have to say, I’m very impressed with this assemblage of modules in a cohesive and purposive system. For one thing, this thing actually sounds like a Minimoog. Also, the inclusion of the EMS-inspired ring modulator is a stroke of genius (my first three synths were a Synthi AKS, an EML-101, and then a Minimoog, and I always found the lack of a discrete ring modulator on the Moog to be crippling for development clangorous-type tones).

      1. and you can make unhelpful posts with bad takes into a private diary or blog! but here we all are lol.

        1. A guy comes on this site for several months and completely takes over, leaving multiple comments on every single article with walls of text that are nothing but ridiculously bad takes on how exactly we should all be enjoying synthesis as a hobby HIS WAY AND HIS WAY ONLY and no one bats an eyelash. Gadi satirizes and parodies the guy in a handful of posts over the course of a week and suddenly he is synthtopia’s worst enemy. How can you not love it?

  3. If I didn’t already have a Reissue (the 2016 one not the even more crazy priced new one) I would probably lean towards this before going for the genuine article.

  4. An Europian company i gues…designed an E-U-R-O-R-A-C-K and mentioning only the price in Brrrrritish pounds and $.
    Sorry but I get a feeling about an UK company with people with a certain additude.

    1. It’s a British company which sells their products on their own British based website in British Pounds and with British VAT. They do not mention US Dollar, that was added by Synthtipia an USA based website. Nothing weird about it.

  5. I’m sure its partly the logical Minimoog shape, but if I was on a modular path, this would really win me over. It has a nice, round bass voice that doesn’t overwhelm things. The 4-voice polyphony is a welcome plus. Its clearly no budget synth, but the price is very reasonable, as it takes you pretty far for the price of the patch cords. We always add new pieces to things, but in this case, a modest multi-effect pedal or two would probably be plenty. Its an elegant stand-out.

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