Using The ARP 2600 In Visual Media Scoring

Composer & synthesist David Frederick shared this video, sharing his perspective on visual media scoring with the ARP 2600.

Frederick shares his thoughts on the ARP 2600, programming tips, using analog synths to augment orchestral sounds, best practices, developing a sonic palette, and use case examples of using the 2600 in visual media music scoring.

He also shares his thoughts on various 2600 synths, ranging from the Korg ARP 2600 to the Behringer 2600 to the Arturia and WayOutWare VSTs.

2 thoughts on “Using The ARP 2600 In Visual Media Scoring

  1. This is an outstanding mix of history and how-to. I especially appreciate the soundtrack tips. Those apply no matter what you’re doing. Even a solo composer is still acting as an orchestra when sitting inside a ring of options.

    I’m with him about having some VST luv. If you enjoy patching a modular, its a beautiful thing, but if not, VSTs are the salvation of everyone in the vicinity. Patch cords begin to feel like tentacles after a while.

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