Hands-On With The New Elektron Analog Heat +FX

In his latest loopop video, host Ziv Eliraz offers a hands-on review of the new Elektron Analog Heat +FX.

The Analog Heat +FX is an all-around sound coloring and manipulation box that gives you a wide color palette of processing possibilities:

  • Eight fully analog stereo distortion circuits
  • Multi-mode filter, with 7 filter types
  • 2-band adaptable EQ
  • Noise gate
  • Digital effects: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Warble, Bits and more.  You can also reorder effects to create custom signal paths and timbres

Topics covered in the video:

0:00 Intro
1:30 vs Heat MK2
3:30 Overview
6:25 Connectivity
8:00 Effects
8:30 Bits
9:15 Warble
10:30 Chorus
11:00 Delay
12:50 Reverb
14:40 Compressor
15:55 Bass focus
17:20 Heat circuits
21:50 Analog filters
23:25 Stereo filters
24:00 EQ
25:15 Gate
25:55 Envelope
26:25 Follow & wah
27:50 AD & AR
29:50 Env tips, ideas
30:30 Duck the verb
31:35 Duck the fbdk
33:05 Env filter
34:10 LFOs
34:45 Tremolo
35:15 Peak pan
36:25 Overbridge
38:00 Pros & cons

Check out the video and share your thoughts on the Elektron Analog Heat +FX in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Hands-On With The New Elektron Analog Heat +FX

  1. it needs a hell of a lot more superweird and new school FX, kinda like how Roland does, but in an Elektron style…. i would totally buy that

    but not this… im sure there is a huge market for it, but im not part of it

    1. In my opinion all those “new school FX” have been old school since the mid 90’s

      They are fun but rarely of any practical use because they sound clichéd

  2. hardware heads are going to love this for the end of chain role, but i have to say, this doesn’t seem revolutionary given the required menu-diving to get this to cooperate. the elektron workflow is very much not for me, but that aspect in particular kills the appeal of adding these extra features.
    I of course realize it’s for a hardware workflow but i really think the full creative potential of a distortion multi-effects tool would be achieved with a bigger and more elaborate interface. this thing wishes it could be Output’s Thermal or Arturia’s Coldfire lol

    1. I don’t know, the Heat+FX sure takes up a LOT less space than my Acidbox3 (better than Heat I thought), Meris Polymoon, Meris Mercury7, Meris Ottobit Jr, and Walrus Julianna. And costs a lot less money, too.

      Sure, maybe not as artsy and beautiful as those pedals can be, I’ve no doubt the Heat+FX can get the job done. I’d probably have considered it if it had been available vs. all that other mess of pedals and cables.

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