UDO Super Gemini First Look

The latest Sonic State video features a first look at the new UDO Super Gemini synthesizer.

The Super Gemini is a 20-voice polyphonic, bi-timbral analog-hybrid flagship keyboard. UDO says that the keyboard gives you “immediate comprehensive control” over both timbral layers.

Sonic State’s Nick Batt talked to designer George Hearn from UDO Audio, who shared a quick overview of the Super Gemini, along with an improvised sound demo.

The UDO Super Gemini is an instrument that promises high-end build quality, a flexible synth engine, an interface that takes inspiration from the classic Yamaha CS-80, and a wide range of performance capabilities, including hands-on control, polyphonic aftertouch and a ribbon controller.

7 thoughts on “UDO Super Gemini First Look

  1. Audio captured by the camera mic picking up speakers in the room? Not doing yourself any favors that way…

  2. Aside from the vid. The Super-6 was already a pretty good moonraker. SuperGemini seems like `coup’d gra spacepad cruiser kid’s¡! thanx folks

  3. Good lord, who has time for all these video’s. Is there any mention of the “ring modulation” that some of the press about the Gemini spoke about? Didn’t seen it on the panel of the Gemini. And it’s not there on the originals either.

    1. Freeze frame and enlarge at 2:02, Cross Mod and Ring Mod are legended under the slider directly to the left of oscillator 1 on both the upper and lower voice controls.

    1. Starting at 16:31, they talk price. 3995 euro, 3595 pounds, USD still being solidified, but you can guess.

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