Befaco Brings Four New Products to Superbooth 2023, Including A GameBoy FX Module

Ahead of Superbooth 2023, being held in Berlin May 11-13, Befaco has announced four new products:

The Befaco 7u Case was created, according to the company, to meet their own needs for a “kick ass case”.


  • 7u 104 HP, with the possibility to place 1u row either on top or center.
  • Massive power supply: 5A @12v, 2.5A @-12v and 4A @ 5V.
  • Six 6,5″ jack connectors (with color coded nuts), two USB A ports (enabled for charging and USB host duties), MIDI IN, OUT and Thru and USB type B for device.
  • Internal connectors compatible with your favorite 1u Canadian manufacturer.
  • Vesa connector compatible: Step up your studio space!
  • Kensington lock.
  • Plastic cover included.
  • 150W wall-wart adapter included.

The case will be available assembled and as a DIY Kit, priced at 650€/550€, tax included. It will be available end of June.

In addition, they plan to release the case power supply, both assembled and as a  DIY kit, in June for 260€/190€.

Their most unusual introduction is Fx Boy, a 12 HP multi FX module with CV controllable EQ and Dry wet. Each FX is built into a Gameboy cart.

Befaco has gathered a group of fellow Eurorack manufacturers to design carts. The module will include 6 carts, from: Feedback modules, Making sound Machines, Tesseract, Touel Skouarn, XOR electronics and Befaco. You can expect old fashioned flangers, aggressive folders, dirty bitcrushers, fuzz galore and trashy distortions.

Fx Boy will be released in summer 2023, both assembled and DIY. Pricing is still to be determined.

Befaco will also be introducing a 1u version of the Molten Motion Meter.

The 1u version will be functioning as the 3u counterpart, but with four channels.

The module will be released at the end of June, assembled and as a semi-soldered kit at an estimated price of 165€ / 130€ after taxes.

Finally, Befaco is introducing the MIDI Thing 2, a new, “sexier and more powerful” version of their MIDI Thing.

The MIDI Thing 2 is a 12-channel, fully configurable MIDI converter in just 6 HP. If features MIDI DIN, USB host and MIDI device connectivity, and a OLED screen to configure the ports as you like.

The module will feature monophonic and polyphonic modes, with built-in ADSR, LFOs and Oscillators. It will have a configuration Website, as well as a bridge mode for VCV rack.

MIDI Thing 2 will be available during Summer 2023, priced around 300€, tax included.

See the Befaco site for more information.

3 thoughts on “Befaco Brings Four New Products to Superbooth 2023, Including A GameBoy FX Module

    1. Yea and no. The game boy cart thing is maybe a bit marketing (except maybe they’re readily available?), but the idea of a fx module with swappable circuits is good. It’s what that digital z-dsp does, but as it’s digital they’re on little cards. XOR electronics had a prototype for a synch with swappable modules I think, so I can see where this came from.

    2. More interesting than most other areas of music tech

      Had a go myself at Superbooth – pretty cool – sound really good

      You can already buy cards from several FX companies with more on the way

      Carts can be analogue or digital and are hot swappable

      You can DIY and design your own as Befaco supply a PCB and a gameboy printed case

      This is an an idea already done long ago by the guys at Abstrakt Instruments for the Avalon Bassline swappable filter cartridges – However those guys seem to be completely unresponsive

      They are not cross compatible with the Avalon

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