New Granular Synth, Tempera, Features Unique Interface (Sneak Preview)

Superbooth 2023: Here’s a sneak preview of the Tempera synth, a new granular instrument by the makers of the Vector Synth.


  • 8 sample slots, each represented by a vertical column, that can be played back polyphonically;
  • 4 granular emitters;
  • Envelopes;
  • LFOs;
  • A filter; and
  • Reverb

Official details on pricing and availability are still to come at the Tempera site.

7 thoughts on “New Granular Synth, Tempera, Features Unique Interface (Sneak Preview)

  1. Gorgeous interface! Many cool small granular synths now available.
    I make alternative house music and have no experience with granular synths.
    Does any one now good examples of granular synth use in house music?

    1. Lots of stuff in the microhouse side of house uses granular synthesis quite heavily. Think Jan Jelinek, for instance. His Farben project uses it a bunch; “As Long As There’s Love Around” has granular cymbal highs throughout

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