Sonicware Intros Texture Lab Granular Synthesizer

Sonicware – makers of the Liven Bass & Beats Groovebox, the Liven 8bit Synth & the SmplTrek Portable Production Sampler – has introduced the LIVEN Texture Lab, a granular synthesizer and effects processor.

The LIVEN Texture Lab offers a wide variety of sound textures, ranging from lush ambient pads to aggressive experimental noise.

The Texture Lab uses a granular processor that slices sounds into grains, ranging from 2 ms to 1 second in length, then transforms and reconstructs them in a variety of ways, including manipulating grain shape, density, time warp, spatial position, and playback method to create entirely new sounds.


  • Sample, slice, transform and reconstruct audio to synthesize completely new sounds
  • Granular synthesizer with granular effects processor mode
  • Shimmer reverb for fantastical and majestic sounding spaces
  • 128-step sequencer with parameter locking

Here’s a full tutorial on using the Texture Lab:

Texture Lab Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Texture Lab is available now to pre-order for $239.00 USD, with shipping expected in June.

11 thoughts on “Sonicware Intros Texture Lab Granular Synthesizer

  1. Is the minimum bpm only 40? It looked like that when he turned the bpm dial down and then up.
    If so…Damn, there is so much you can do with radically low bpm rates.

    1. It’s often difficult to obtain precise values with wider ranges, especially with BPM, where an expanded knob range might encompass hundreds of values.

  2. I WAS quite interested in this.
    I thought I’d be quite nice to have a hardware granular option rather than using plug ins.
    Then I saw that filter cutoff and resonance share the same knob.
    I had an Enliven XFM but sold it after 2 weeks for that reason.
    Shame really, everything else looks great.

    1. for something like this I really don’t understand the complaint – it isn’t like this is a subtractive synth where you are going to ride the res knob

      1. True…you could also connect an effect( Dr Scientist ATMOSPHERE for example).I personaly am not buying it because of it’s portable nature.

  3. Finally, a reasonably priced hardware competitor to the 1010 Music – Lemondrop. I love my Lemondrop for noodling, but I just don’t use it very much in any serious musical production. Recently, I married it to my K2700 (through the audio inputs of the K2700) and am looking to use it as a granular engine input to VAST, something the K2700 lacks). Given that this box is substantially bigger and even has an on-board way of triggering sounds makes me think it will be more useful as a self-contained outboard granular device than the Lemondrop is. For the price, I can’t imagine being disappointed with it. Also, it doesn’t take uip a lot of valuable desk space.

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