New Music From Daft Punk – ‘Infinity Repeating’

It’s been over two years since Daft Punk officially called it quits, with their short video, Epilogue.

While they may not be making new recordings, Daft Punk has released of a new anniversary edition of Random Access Memories, containing a second disc of previously unreleased music and unfinished drafts.

One of the unreleased tracks is Infinity Repeating, a 2013 demo with Julian Casablancas and the Voidz. Along with the new music, they’ve released a hypnotic music video, embedded above.

Random Access Memories (10th Anniversary Edition) is available now.

14 thoughts on “New Music From Daft Punk – ‘Infinity Repeating’

    1. I don’t love Daft Punk, yet their talent is undeniable. There are a lot of talent-less hacks out there whom have been successful, DP is not amongst them! Period. Their use of advanced synthesis techniques, dynamic processing, and crafting a song are remarkable. Again, they are hardly my favourite duo, still, they are very talented.

      1. “I don’t love Daft Punk, yet their talent is undeniable. ”


        Too many people are lazy and think that, because the Internet makes it possible for you to share your opinion, that you have an opinion worth sharing.

        There are lots of electronic music artists that aren’t to my taste (Aphex Twin, NIN, Scrillex), but you can’t deny that they know their shit and have earned their place.

  1. There is a good reason why this song did not make the cut into the album….it is not good at all..

    Don’t know why are doing this and leaving ‘treasure hunt’ clues around the globe lately.

    Please leave your fans with a good memory…not this.

  2. I do enjoy their Tron soundtrack, a lot. And that’s about it. That one has a nice militant feel to it with a sort of repetitiveness that I can appreciate; I actually come back to it about every summer since.

  3. I care, I like Daft Punk and I like Julian Casablancas, and I like this chill song. Y’all can go listen to your music from the 70’s or whatever(again).

  4. I care too, they inspire me to create, to explore and are responsible for my career in music that I enjoy today. They are the baseline for excellence.

  5. No need to go bananas, senior synthesists. You know how you casually mention your teenage idols like Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, or Klaus Schulze at every opportunity and nobody under 40 seems to care that much? This is the same thing, but the other way around. So relax and let the young folks have some idols as well.

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