Superbooth 2023: Noise Engineering Announces Roucha Legio

At Superbooth 2023, Noise Engineering has introduced the Roucha Legio, the fourth module on their Legio platform.

Their concept for Legio is that it’s a Eurorack hardware platform that can load a wide variety of firmware, making it the foundation of a variety of module types. Anyone with any Legio module will be able to try any firmware for it, for free.

The Noise Engineering Roucha Legio module is a stereo resonant multimode filter with wavefolding, 1V/octave tracking, and gateable bypass.

Roucha Legio features lowpass, bandpass, and highpass filter settings. The filter frequency is adjustable via the dedicated encoder or the one-volt-per-octave CV input. Roucha Legio is designed not to self-oscillate without an input signal, but once a signal is added, the Resonance control can offer anything from clean to the squelch of an acid house bassline. Resonance is also CV-able, which means filter sweeps are easy to achieve.


  • 6 HP
  • CV-able inputs
  • Bypassable filter
  • 1v/8va tracking
  • Self-calibrating frequency CV
  • Part of Legio ecosystem: buy one module, get them all
  • Hotswappable panel overlays sold separately

Here’s the video intro:

Pricing and Availability:

Roucha Legio is available now, in black and silver, with an MSRP of $310 USD.

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