sonicLAB Fundamental 3 Is Like Something Stockhausen ‘Dreamt Up After A Bender’

sonicLAB has released a major update to Fundamental, a sound synthesis tool based on early electronic music tools.

According to the developer, “Fundamental feels like something Stockhausen, Xenakis and HAL 9000 might have dreamt up after a bender; recalling the past of electronic music through a dynamic modern interpretation of massive German vacuum oscillator.”

Fundamental’s wave engine is a recreation of a vintage Rohde & Schwartz vacuum tube oscillator, used at WDR by Stockhausen. Fundamental leaves behind the limitations of the original device, though, with an instrument design that adds effective modulation possibilities; stochastic distributions addressing the sonic parameters like frequency, gain, panning; and more.

Here’s what’s new in Fundamental 3:

  • Fundamental3 adds a built-in stochastic sequencer driving all its oscillators as sequencer events with sample accuracy.
  • A stochastic sequencer calculates its event with probabilistic functions to decide their onset time and durations to distribute them on the sequence time line.
  • The sequence length can be changed with probabilistic means after each cycle.
  • One can deterministically distribute events as well, multiply the durations / compress or expand the sequence distribution.
  • One can select and edit the duration and onset time of each event, freeze the current distribution, and quantize the onset and duration values.
  • Fundamental3 offers oscillator cloning, where each oscillator has a unique clone with custom detuning and unique GEN modulators.
  • Fundamental3 offers additional set of envelopes which are applied on sequence event apart from the ones on the oscillator gain level mixer.

Pricing and Availability:

Fundamental 3 is available now for Windows and Mac as part of the sonicLAB Oscillator bundle for € 183,00.

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