Black Corporation Expander mk2 Multi-FX Processor Now Available To Pre-Order

Black Corporation has announced that the Expander mk2 programmable multi-fx processor is now available to pre-order.

The Expander mk2 is a high-end tabletop or 6U rack mount effects processor that they say combines “the magic of both analog and digital worlds”. It features a flexible effects system that covers everything from reverb and delay to modulation and overdrive, and more.

Stereo and dual-mono routings offer an immense range of connections, with each channel having its own distinct effects chain. The intuitive routing matrix array of LED tact switches lets you create a huge variety of effects chains, from sending a single source to multiple effects in parallel, to cascading them in series.

The Expander mk2 features a knob per function interface, to make it quick and easy to explore new effects options. You can save and recall all your settings as presets, with complete MIDI CC functionality, foot switch, and expression pedal inputs adding even more control possibilities.

Effects include:

  • Delay: The delay section is MIDI syncable, offering both digital and analog options. The digital delay is based on the legendary PCM42, with the same discrete 12-bit ADC/DACs, optical compressor, and filters as the original. Guidance from Gary Hall, the engineer behind the original unit, has resulted in a sound as close to the original rack as possible, with the added benefit of a modern CPU and expanded memory.The analog delay, using analog BBD circuitry, offers a warmer tone with up to 820 milliseconds of delay time. Both delays feature panning controls for added spatial motion.
  • Reverb: As on the delay, EXPANDER MK2 boasts both digital and analog options. The digital reverb is based on the lush and spacious 224, faithfully recreated by our friends at Meris. The spring reverb uses two 17” tanks (one for each channel) each equipped with an EQ and digital pre-delay section.
  • Modulator: The modulator is a ring modulator section with enhanced functionality. The first being a quadrant multiplier ring modulator for clean, modern silicon chip-based sounds, and the second, a vintage-style, harmonically rich transformer and diode based ring. The modulator also includes a reference oscillator with an attack and release envelope controlling its pitch, similar to that on DECKARDS’S DREAM’s predecessor, the CS-80.
  • Chorus: The chorus section features two distinct BBD chorus lines, with manual controls for speed and depth, to add subtle stereo widening or intense, turbulent animation. For fans of the classic four-button chorus, those presets are in there too!
  • Phaser: The phaser section includes an analog OTA-based 12-stage phaser circuit for warm, psychedelic phaser effects, as well as an optical phaser to get a classic Krautrock sound.
  • Insert / Resonator: The Insert / Resonator section allows you to patch in outboard effects into any part of the effects chain. The resonator component can be used as a subtle EQ to sculpt the tone or can be modulated by the LFO section to create animated resonant or panning effects. The insert returns and sends can occur pre or post-resonator and can also be used as an extra input and output to route multiple signals. When used in parallel, these can turn EXPANDER MK2 into a 4-channel effects processor.
  • Overdrive: The overdrive section uses Korg’s groundbreaking Nu-Tube micro tube technology to add subtle texture and warmth to any sound, from guitars, synths, drum machines or vocals to anything in between. When pushed further, it can create screaming distortion, perfect for anyone looking to turn up the heat.
  • LFO: The LFO section features a multitude of LFO’s routable to nearly any destination of the other sections, adding life and movement throughout the signal path.

The selection of connections on the back panel includes balanced inputs and outputs, stereo send and return (via individual 1/4″ jacks or using a common DB25 connector), expression and switch pedals, USB, and DIN MIDI. Additionally, the front includes a convenient HI-Z input for guitarists or any instrumentalist with quieter outputs to plug and play right away. Natural wood sides can be switched out for included rack ears.

Expander mk2 Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability:

The Black Corporation Expander mkII is available to pre-order for a total price of $4,999 USD.

19 thoughts on “Black Corporation Expander mk2 Multi-FX Processor Now Available To Pre-Order

  1. Daym this looks like a live effect tweakers DREAM. I love it. Been waiting for something like this for years. (I wonder what those expansion slots are for on the rear?? even more interesting!!) Just um….the price ouch.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by expansion slots, but if you’re referring to the “Breakout” connector, it’s probable that this is a multi-pin I/O so the unit can be easily wired into a studio patchbay (as mentioned in the text) – that would be my hope anyway. What a beautiful looking device; guess I need to spook up another lucrative gig!

  2. yeh man i love to see high end gear that actually justifies its price through technical excellence of the product

    rather than branding or some other kind of unfounded pompous nonsense

  3. Pedal board in a box? As with these high end boxes, onw really needs to be in love with the particular sound of it. For me, this rings even more true for effects, as they’re the special sauce that glue everything together. 5000,- sure is expensive, but then again, I own for about 15000,- in effect pedals. I can’t imagine replacing 5000,- worth of pedals to buy one of these, for instance, as I feel I would limit the scope of possibilities. Still, a truly amazing effect box! And I am glad it exists for those for who it has value!

          1. if BigB were able to use their TC6000 IP, for sure. otherwise, it really would be just TC pedals in a box. they’re best for inexpensive mod-able gear that sounds fine to start with.

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