Ableton Push 3 In-Depth Review & Tutorial

In his latest loopop video, host Ziv Eliraz offers an in-depth look at the new Ableton Push 3.

Live users have been asking for a standalone version for years, and that’s exactly what Push 3 delivers. But it also some other interesting new features, like pads that support MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE), and CV connectivity for controlling modular analog gear.

Check out the review, and share your thoughts on Push 3 in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:25 What’s new v P2
1:45 Poly X & Y
3:00 Cross pad bends
3:30 Pad settings
4:10 MPE instruments
4:55 MPE kits
5:25 P3 Standalone
8:25 Audio & I/O
10:25 More controls
12:50 New views
13:20 Similarities
14:25 Session grid
16:15 Note layouts
18:15 Screen controls
19:25 Live recording
22:05 Step seq
24:10 Automation
25:55 Sample chops
27:45 Adding devices
28:05 Live versions
29:50 Misc topics
31:10 Pros & cons
31:30 Standalone?
37:25 Plugins?
38:40 CPU power?
41:05 vs controllers?
41:50 vs MPC/Maschine?
44:20 vs MPE synths?
45:55 Outro

6 thoughts on “Ableton Push 3 In-Depth Review & Tutorial

  1. This feels like a full circle moment. If they had released this in 2013, a lot of us wouldn’t have spent the past 10 years and 10 grand plus building a dawless setup.

    1. I think it’s taken a decade for embedded computer technology to advance to where things like this are possible at a marketable price point.

      Think about how MPCs turned into MIDI controllers, because people wanted to do things you could only do on computers, and now they’ve come full circle and are standalone computer workstations.

  2. I just with Apple would create a portable hardware device that could run Logic standalone. Oh, wait… Seriously, though, Ableton did a nice job stomping on the release of Logic for iPad.

    1. Yeah they did. Was thinking the same thing. Was explaining to my wife how these companies do releases:
      1. Teaser+ Reveal date/Reveal+ Preorders (Elektron, Arturia)
      2. Reveal/Preorders
      3. Teaser + website blast/ Release months later (Logic Pro Ipad)
      4. Release/Maybe purchasable, not really sure, might be pre-orders on the website (Push 3)
      5. Waaaaay too much marketing, leaks, product demos/ Preorders/ Long delays (MPC Live)

      I understand the build up but its become a bit corny, especially when it comes with pre-orders.

      1. I am so glad they decided to make this. I use Ableton Live with the Push 2 and this is perfect for on the go. I hope some of the software companies can get their plugins to work with it. It would be so cool to have all my kontak software onto it.

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