Free MicroFreak 5 Firmware Update Now Available To Download

Arturia has released MicroFreak version 5, a massive free update that adds 4 new engines. It also allows users to load their own samples and use them with one of the four new sample/granular engines.

Here’s what’s new in MicroFreak v5.0:

  • New sampling engine: Manipulate and trigger recorded audio using MicroFreak.
  • 3 new granular engines: Scan, Cloud, and Hit modes for Freaky granular exploration.
  • New Preset factory
  • Using MIDI Control Center, you can import your own samples, up to 24 seconds long. You can then send them to MicroFreak.

Arturia MicroFreak v5 Firmware is available now.

10 thoughts on “Free MicroFreak 5 Firmware Update Now Available To Download

  1. It’s rather mindblowing that they could add a recorded audio & granular feature to a four-year-old synth. Much love to Arturia devs.

    1. Nah you made the right decision. The micro is rad, and I actually loved that keyboard, but man is it temperamental. 70% of the time when I’d turn mine on it would glitch out like crazy. Was so bummed about it but the Mini has been rock solid.

      1. If you power it with USB the cable could be the issue. I have no issue like this, and it’s certainly not an issue with all Microfreaks.

    2. Someone at Superbooth asked if feature will be available for mini, and they said yes, along with wavetables and stuff.

  2. Yeah, im waiting for this update too. Weird they didnt just make it available for both although im sure its coming.

  3. That’s the way to beef up customer loyalty! I’d mostly play this from an outside controller, using the capacitance pad sparingly, but hey, I love modules. To me, this synth is an exotic one with a great added entry point, as that pad is usually seen on bigger instruments.

    I keep listening for more obvious examples of user samples from synths that let you drop them in. This one is a bit of a weirdo to begin with, but Arturia was sure smart to include room for updates as useful as these. I like being ITB, but if they added these features to the Mini, I’d start looking at the plug-in version more seriously.

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