AIR Music Technology Intros Jura, “The Synth Of ’82”

AIR Music Technology has introduced Jura, a new software synth, inspired by the classic Roland Juno.

It’s available in versions for Mac, Windows and the MPC /Force.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Jura gives you the best of both worlds – the classic sound of an ‘80s synth monster, coupled with some very cool modern workflow enhancements.

Jura comes in several versions; a plugin for AU, VST, and AAX DAWs, and there’s the MPC/FORCE Standalone versions for the complete hardware experience of touch control.

Jura is the classic synth for a modern music production studio. The sound of yesterday, the features of tomorrow. The synth of ‘82… reimagined for your future hits.”

Jura Walkthrough Video:

Pricing and Availability

Jura is available now with an intro price of $74.99 USD.

7 thoughts on “AIR Music Technology Intros Jura, “The Synth Of ’82”

    1. In this case, I might add, rather badly….
      Sounds like an 80s VHS topos from the demos that are online, certainly doesn’t resemble a real Juno 60 (which I own BTW).

  1. Its not a bad plug-in, just uninspired. There are too many Junos and Moogs. I’ve owned the hardware, so its no slam against Roland or Moog at all, but there’s basic and then there’s dull. If they want to get me interested, let’s see a modded Juno-2 with a 2nd oscillator. I know its basics are common, but it always stuck with me as a superior approach to such a simple layout. A plug-in that started there would be much more useful than the same-ol’ we see so often. My Juno 1 and 2 were the best support my other synths had.

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