Native Instruments Intros Free Irish Harp Virtual Instruments

Native Instruments has introduced a new Kontakt instrument, Irish Harp, that’s available as a free download through July 3, 2023.

Irish Harp offers the rich tones of a 34-string neo-Irish harp, with a range of scales, phrases, effects, and controls.

Here’s an in-depth intro, from NI product specialist Brian Kullas.

Topic covered:

00:00 – Intro
00:50 – The GUI
01:23 – Performance Controls
04:50 – Patterns & Phrases
09:17 – Tone Controls
10:43 – The Mixer
12:48 – Scales
14:26 – Options Menu
16:36 – Outro

Irish Harp is available through July 3, 2023 as free download.

5 thoughts on “Native Instruments Intros Free Irish Harp Virtual Instruments

  1. Jeez, harp sure sounds noisy in that demo. Hard to imagine a scenario where noise would be added just as part of them making the demo video.

    Still, it’s a freebie, but perhaps that’s why.

    It will sound like a vintage recording from the 70’s.

  2. good lord is native instruments an embarrassment at this stage lol. a mediocre phoned-in niche freebie for kontakt? seems petty to complain about something free but the company is at point where nothing other than kontakt sees expansion, development, or updates and even those are old and busted while also pursuing an incoherent and ultimately unhelpful and irrelevant design update. sigh. c’mon.

  3. A bit harsh, guys. If anything, its presented too dry, to my ear. A dash more of reverb would bring it up to speed. There are so many plugs now, you almost need five of them, just to cover all the angles of something like this. Each software house brings their own touch to the final device, too. Even the 200 software Minimoogs sound a little different from one another, just like the real ones. So… how much harp do you need?

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