New Uilleann Pipes Virtual Instrument Available As A Free Download

Spitfire Audio has introduced LABS Uilleann Pipes, a free virtual instrument, created in collaboration with composer Hannah Peel.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Also known as the Irish Bagpipe, Uilleann pipes utilise multiple drones, regulators and chanters to produce acres of sonic possibilities. Performed with traditional Celtic flourishes and ornamentations, this rarely sampled instrument provides an unconventional way to add texture and interest to contemporary music.”

It’s available now as a free download for Mac & Windows.

4 thoughts on “New Uilleann Pipes Virtual Instrument Available As A Free Download

  1. Its like a single instrument from a broad world music tool chest. I’ve bought several Spitfire modules that provide great service, but this one has more articulation to it than the usual LABS fare. Great work.

  2. Must be “Free Irish Instruments” week. NI released free Irish Harp Kontakt 7 instrument yesterday…

  3. Anyone interested in modern uilleann pipe playing should check out Ross Ainslie or Brighde Chaimbeul, no synths (!) but modern interesting playing and might inspire someone using this virtual instrument.

  4. Great sounding pack. I have to disagree about the use of a massive reverb on the pipes though. I always associate these instruments with small intimate venues with a very different sonic character. But that’s no problem to resolve by not using the built in’verb. Just a personal preference.

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