Analysis & Additive Synthesis In EaganMatrix

ContinuuCon organizers today shared another presentation from ContinuuCon 2023, held in Portugal May 17 – 19.

The video features Christophe Duquesne, developer and co-inventor of La Voix du Luthier’s Onde and Pyramid acoustic resonators, discussing Analysis & Additive Synthesis In EaganMatrix.

EaganMatrix is the modular synthesis platform that powers the Haken Audio Continuum Fingerboard line of expressive instruments and the new Expressive E Osmose.

6 thoughts on “Analysis & Additive Synthesis In EaganMatrix

  1. Intriguing and informative, but I can’t play “Jump” on it. I still say we have some distance to travel. Its what the method will do versus how well people learn to hear its merits, which are in new territory. I began with a Minimoog, so when I took up an ARP 2600 and Korg MS-20, it was merry hell, learning how to sync things. Same here, ’cause the Osmose, for example, will need time to define itself.

  2. Very informative video. I used to work in a company that was trying to put on the market an additive synth with resynthesis capabilities in the 80’s. The idea of using noise for broadband signals is very bright, and the formant trick sometimes solve evident issues that plague resynthesis. But it is still evident that there is not yet a ”one button press” solution to additive synthesis/resynthesis. It all depends on the nature of the sample that is analyzed.
    Maybe some work could be done with AI to simplify the problem.

  3. As a Continuum owner, I think the EaganMatrix interface is horrible it like a beginner bad Max patch. I feel that it could be redesigned to be better to use, like what happen on Osmose. If they did a redesign people could put energy into making sounds instead of solving math problems. No matter what they said the EaganMatrix Max interface is Horrible. Instead of explaining how to use a bad design go make a new design!! Here is some advice free us users and make a better interface or copy Osmose interface since it makes since… Or relook at a real EMS patch interface it is easier than EaganMatrix, don’t believe the hype.

  4. Yes, the OS is a boggling mess unless you’re a serious ‘oscillator-head.’ I’ve begun to feel that the presets on the Osmose ARE its voice, as with a guitar or a Rhodes. The drive to program doesn’t seem as vital. Many of the voices go places I’d go anyway. The high expressiveness fills a lot of that need.

    dj drumz makes a good point. If its too esoteric, it begins to feel elitist as well as inscrutable. Not that you don’t have to figure out your gear, but something that felt less alien would be welcome. That’s part of why we keep seeing very simple controllers popping up.

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