The Moog Model 10 Synthesizer

In his latest video, synthesist Alex Ball takes an in-depth look at the Moog Model 10, a classic portable modular synth system, originally introduced in 1971.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro Jam
1:14 The Model 10
1:38 The History of Moog Modular Synths
3:59 Demo 1: Bananas
4:58 The Reissues
5:48 Demo 2: Pulses
7:03 What’s on a Moog Model 10?
10:23 Demo 3: Space Disco
11:35 Summary & Thoughts
12:40 Outro Jam

3 thoughts on “The Moog Model 10 Synthesizer

  1. Reminder The Great Sun Ra used Moog, matter of FACT
    Sun Ra was the first musician to adopt the Minimoog.

    Sun Ra performed and recorded frequently during 1970 and 1971 with the Minimoog. This was before Emerson, Lake, and Palmer and other progressive rock groups struck it big with the same, liberating sound. Ra’s use of the Minimoog in a free jazz context often resulted in long explorations touching on every sound made possible by the instrument. Listening to Sun Ra play the Minimoog during this period is like experiencing a master class of early synthesizer improvisation technique.

    So let’s get the Facts correct!

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